[RESPONDED] Linux mint power button event conflict

The behaviour I’m asking about is at the faintly-annoying end of the severity spectrum. It is not worth spending any time investigating. However I thought someone else might be aware of this issue and/or a way to eliminate it.

When logged in with a DE session active my system is configured to go to sleep after a period of inactivity. When it does this, the illuminated halo around the power button pulses slowly. Briefly pressing the power button wakes the system up and the lock screen is displayed. No surprises there.

When I unlock the system (with fingerprint or password) the suspend|restart|shutdown dialog box is “sitting” there and needs to be dismissed.

I expect that dialog box to pop up when I press the power button except when waking from sleep.

Is there a simple config change I might make to prevent this from occurring? Keen to hear how others have dealt with this scenario. Thanks for reading.

System description

$ lsb_release -dc
Description:	Linux Mint 21.1
Codename:	vera
$ inxi
CPU: 12-core (4-mt/8-st) 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1260P (-MST AMCP-)
speed/min/max: 2191/400/4700:3400 MHz Kernel: 6.1.0-1015-oem x86_64
Up: 1h 26m Mem: 3302.1/31801.0 MiB (10.4%) Storage: 1.83 TiB (18.3% used)
Procs: 386 Shell: Bash inxi: 3.3.13


edit: correct the inevitable typo

Might be interesting to compare this with Fedora (newer kernel). I have seen differences in kernel releases as to spectrum.

Regarding the suspend/restart behavior, my assumption is this may be something with Cinnamon - logs would be interesting to look through, grepping resume for example to see if anything jumps out.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and Fedora 38 (all running GNOME) have behaved smoothly in my daily usage.