[RESPONDED] Missing "deep" (Suspend-to-Ram) sleep state on AMD 7040 laptop

Hi! Is there any plan to implement S3 sleep for the AMD 7040 laptop?
Currently s2idle is the only mode available and it’s not really the best for someone that goes around a lot and doesn’t always have a plug nearby.
All my laptops in the past supported it and I was a bit surprised that this one doesn’t…
Other than that, great machine!

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I guess the problem rather is that s2idle is not really that efficient on the framework laptop?
Recently I got hold of a Lenovo ThinkPad® T14s G4 AMD which used s2idle as well and when in suspend mode would have lasted like 14 days or more.

s2idle should do well on Framework AMD.
If you’re having problems, use this script to debug them.

Script will also measure power consumption on longer cycles. I suggest 10+ minutes to get an accurate enough reading.
If the power consumption is too high, make sure you follow Frameworks’ guidance about which modules to use in which slots.


For me, s2idle draws over 1% per hour on the Framework (with 2 USB-C modules in the back and 2 USB-A modules in the front) when suspended. From what I read, that is to be expected on the Framework.
This would give me about 3-4 days of suspend, whereas I measured about 14-17 days on the Thinkpad.

I tried your script, found an issue, added rtc_cmos.use_acpi_alarm=1 to the kernel command line and rebooted. Looks good now, I’ll let it sleep for the night and check again in the morning. Thanks!

9 Hours of sleep later, battery down 6%.
It’s ok, not great, not terrible.

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Maybe you should set up suspend then hibernate. Set it for a few hours and then you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Any update? How to enable suspend to RAM?

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We recommend using s2idle which is provided on our tested distros out of the box.

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