[RESPONDED] Mixing brands of RAM

Has anyone has success mixing brands of RAM in their framework laptop?

I currently have an 8GB stick of Crucial DDR4-3200 provided with my DIY edition. My brother has an 8GB stick of SK hynix (DDR4) PC4-3200 from a Lenovo laptop he’s upgraded. What are the odds these will work if I install them together?

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Theoretically yes, if all the specs are the same and the only difference is the brand they should work together. In practice, they may not.

I haven’t mixed RAM on my Framework but have successfully done it on other laptops. Only way to know is to try it and see…

Expect extended RAM training and reduced performance as the IMC will go to the lowest common denominator to ensure they work. They should work together tho. They might both work at 3200MT/s or they might not but I expect them to work.

my desktop developed issues with two different kits from the same manufacturer, identical size, speeds and timings. (gskill ripjaw v and trident z iirc)

Hi @Shelley_Adams,

It’s always recommended to use the same brand/model of RAM if possible to avoid issues, but as stated above, in theory, the memory training will try to get everything into a working state. That said, there can be incompatibilities that can cause issues, especially if brands are fudging their numbers. If the modules are from a reputable manufacturer, and the speeds are reported as identical, you should be fine.