[RESPONDED] My laptop bricked and I need to get a invoice

Hello as stated above I have a laptop that straight up bricked itself. I have the amd series with 32 gigs of ram and a terabyte das both these parts came from Amazon. Later I managed to fully reinstall fedora but that did mean that I lost some data.And when I did reinstall everything games ran pretty awfully. This was also true before the reinstall. I had all sorts of funny visual glitches on my screen. And whilst playing Linux compatible games like war tunder and csgo. These glitches would happen probably due to an overheating issue. When playing on something like a table it would take a little longer then when I have the laptop on my lap. And yes I do update daily.And if the laptop has cooled down after playing games YouTube when in fullscreen mode will give all the visual glitches. In small screen or partial screen it will be fine. But in full screen it go’s wild. And then I have to reboot a couple of times and then it reruns to normal. And I need to revive an invoice for tax purposes. I love the product but it does have some difficulties. Thanks for reading and all advice would be helpful.

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Welcome to the community. As the question regarding invoice was answered, let’s move onto the next items.

Looks like you bought an Framework Laptop 13 AMD Ryzen Series. First step is to make sure this is enabled. Reboot.

Start with this. If the issue continues, let us know.