[RESPONDED] OpenRGB support

Does OpenRGB support the Framework 16 keyboard LEDs? Nothing currently on their supported devices list, but I don’t know what controller the keyboard is using.


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The FW16 keyboard controller is an RP2040 running QMK open source firmware. Last I looked, standard QMK does not yet support OpenRGB. So the FW16 probably won’t support it out-of-the-box.

But if I recall, there is a QMK fork that supports OpenRGB. So it’s possible it could be added some time later, either offically by Framework or via the community. It’s not on FW’s github last I looked.


I have made a fork of the Framework keyboard firmware repository with basic OpenRGB support. Currently most modes work, but direct mode seems to be non-functional.


Awesome project @tagno25 and thanks for updating this thread. :slight_smile:

Can someone ELI5 on what I need to do with this?

I grabbed the repo and its submodules, but can’t seem to find any useful build docs, and make tells me I need to run qmk setup; but doesn’t qmk come from this repo? I have no idea what I’m doing.

Update: I was able to get https://keyboard.frame.work/ to work on OpenSUSE (in Chromium, not in Firefox) by adding qmk’s udev rules, so I can wait for “official” OpenRGB support. :+1:

QMK’s build environment needs to be set up, if you haven’t done so.
I wrote a how-to for compiling and flashing here

For the “Download the Framework Firmware repo” part, you would clone this repo instead of Framework’s

git clone https://github.com/tagno25/qmk_firmware.git

Then to control the LEDs follow instructions to install the OpenRGB app gitlab.com/CalcProgrammer1/OpenRGB
You need to add your keyboard in the OpenRGB app. Go to the Settings tab, scroll down to OpenRGB QMK Protocol, then click add. Enter the following
Name: Framework Laptop 16 Keyboard Module - ANSI
USB VID: 0012
Click Save

For the macropad it would be USB VID: 0013

Then try clicking Rescan Devices, if nothing shows up in the Devices tab you might have to restart the app, but first click the Save Profile button.