[RESPONDED] Pixelresponse time feels weirdly slow

Hello there :wave:,
For now I ask in Linux, just in case.

I was wondering if it is expected that my AMD 13’’ screen is quite … slow. I wasn’t expecting to be able to kinda draw with my cursor and windows. Right now I am on KDE, Wayland but I am coming from GNOME and also tried X11 before. It felt(!) worse in GNOME, but I think a slight lag there is normal with fractional scaling and it’s adding to the possible hardware problem, making it feel worse. (this also happens at 100% scale)

Here is a video sample of a whole window being dragged. The fast moving part might actually be software, but other than that, it looks like the screen is just kinda slow.

Otherwise I have nothing to complain about this display… but this …sluggishness… can actually be straining I find. :confused:

Right now, also when creating these photographs, the laptop is plugged in and the highest power profile is selected in KDE.

…and yes, of course its 60HZ … but so are my primary displays and my Macbook Air, as well as phones – none of those look like this. :frowning:

Hi @Milan , welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

can we check xrandr output? just to be sure, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there, thanks for your reply!

Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 2256 x 1504, maximum 16384 x 16384

eDP-1 connected primary 2256x1504+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 285mm x 190mm

   2256x1504     60.00*+  48.00  

→ Full output

Update: this was in NixOS – I now have booted a fresh Fedora stick and without any adjustments, it sadly behaves the same if not worse (well its GNOME). I have done another recording.

Update 2: I have tried doing a testinstall of Win11 with a too old ISO (I have trouble downloading a newer one right now) – it wouldn’t let me proceed due to missing required drivers but the initial window and cursor looked quite similar.

My device also has a pretty slow response time. I would say I don’t quite see a difference between my Laptop 13 and my ThinkPad E595 in terms of pixel response. This is not supposed to be a gaming machine so I personally give it a pass. Anyways, if I want to play games on it, it will do much better connected to a fast 1080p display.

Hmm I suppose my expectations were too high given the price and all those reviews then… I sure hope there is an upcoming upgrade path for that panel then, as it affects everything moving on the screen to the point where you might even wonder whether the video you are watching is actually in fhd or focus.

I can confirm that my cheap aftermarket FHD panel of my old X250 behaves quite the same, althrough I don’t have a windows to reversecheck there.

same here: It isn’t the greatest display and basically not a good choice for competitive fast paced games: it’s kind of slow and the trails are noticeable. l My previous (back then) 700eur laptop features a faster 60hz 1080p IPS panel than my new framework…
I just hope one can overdrive the pixels a bit to compensate a bit? dunno if that is even possible/exposed to the user?

though that is just my biased opinion, as I am basically used to my 160Hz IPS desktop monitor and OLED tv, both of which are basically perfect for gaming…

As for non gaming workloads: its fine. browsing, videos and so on might not be as sharp as they could be, but it certainly isn’t a deal breaker nor distracting.

It’s a well adjusted screen. It’s not an OLED but it’s undeniably a pretty good IPS. It’s very good for office use, should be colourful enough for creative purposes. Kind of a shame if the response time is worse than say an XPS but I am not particularly complaining about the panel. The resolution is a little high for some games to have a smooth 60 fps. If I were to play games, again, I would just get a fast 1080p monitor. The APU has good performance for that resolution, I am pretty sure. Any other use I will make of my machine isn’t impacted by pixel response time.

FWIW, I’ve noticed the same thing. Most of my other devices have been Dell/LG monitors or Apple laptop displays, and I don’t notice quite the same level of smearing that I do on the AMD Framework 13 display. Other than that, I think it looks quite good and I kind of love the 3:2 aspect ratio, so it’s not a major hit, but if there were some sort of workaround or alternate display offered, I’d definitely consider it :slight_smile:

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Display is horrible in terms of pixel response, hwinfo can log this if you desire. Replacing it as soon as something is available.

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