[RESPONDED] Problems with USB-C Port and Expansion Card

Hi all,

I’m running a Batch 9 11th gen Intel Framework 13 since March 22 with fedora.

I recently discovered problems with USB-C peripherals like my LG 27inch Monitor (PD and USB-C graphics) and a belkin USB-C 2G5bit Ethernet adapter.

It seems like the upper left (when you look down on the keyboard) USB-C port from the framework is kinda broken. Even without a expansion card it does only take PD. USB-C data seems not to work properly, my monitor stays black and ethernet not shown.

The expansion card (USB-C) which I had plugged there is also not working properly. Ethernet card is detected, but not working properly. This happens even when I plug the expansion card to another USB-C port (w/o expansion card) of the FW.

Any advice help on this? Cold / bad soldering? How would I test that properly? Have a simple multi-meter at hand, but nothing more. Is this a support case?

Thanks a lot in advance.

If you search you will find many such queries. Repluging, power off, reset the BIOS to default, even a main board reset, there is no set answer.

So if you find a solution please update and maybe add it to the relevant topic.

Have you searched the forum? If not have a look at this for example


Hi amoun,

as always I first searched the forum. Thanks for the suggestion.

It is not only an expansion card problem, but also persists, if I connect the UCB-C peripherals directly to the USB-C port of the main board.

My BIOS is the latest 3.19. I will maybe try the main board reset, but as the problem is only with one port, I suspect that this is a hardware failure.

Have you any knowledge or forum posts for this? I haven’t found one in 15 min searching.
Thanks for your support.


The BIOS resets how all the internal USB C ports are working so worth trying.

15m isn’t very long it can take quite a while :slight_smile:

How is your CMOS/RTC ML 1220 battery doing, can you check it as it keeps the BIOS settings stable.


so it took me a while because of work and the kids. I made a main board reset and I still have the above mentioned problems. One expansion card now even fails charging (PD).

How would I check the battery? For now it don’t loses any setting I would guess.

Thanks for the support!

Hi @SiHaHa
Are you still able to use this expansion card other than charging?
Also, are you on latest BIOS version?

Hi Loell,

I had not much time to test, now I had some minutes and am summing it up:

I was on 3.19 and am now on 3.20 (after figuring out how to use the EFI-Updater). So I would guess latest.

I also reseted the main board.

I have the issue(s):

Expansion Card

  • One USB-C expansion card fails occasionally (not always reproducable) on working fine.
    • One time the Monitor works, but USB-Hub at the monitor does not (when I switch to the second USB-C exp card this works fine
    • one time PD was not working, now it is back on working

USB-Port (upper left when looking down to keyboard)

  • works fine with USB-A card (External optical drive, reading data)
  • directly attached monitor stays dark, but mouse can be (virtually) moved there
  • directly attached network card works somehow, but does not fully work (has ipv6 adress, but not ipv4 and no DNS from DHCP)
  • I used the port a lot as single point of connect (monitor USB-C with PD and a USB-hub in the monitor). Does it wear out this fast?

Thanks for supporting me