[RESPONDED] Proxmox/Debian Realtek 2.5G adapter entering disabled state

I’ve relegated my 11th Gen mainboard to become a proxmox host and up until this point, has been working wonderfully. For ethernet, I had a non-branded usb-c to Ethernet adapter, and haven’t seen any issues with it.
I decided to upgrade to a Framework branded 2.5G adapter, since it was less jank than my previous setup.

Unfortunately, with this upgrade I’ve noticed that I’ll lose all connectivity to the host, and the kernal will spam messages in journalctl such as:

Restarting the networking systemd service works for some time, however after some time I’ll see the adapter going into a failed state.

My question is, does anyone else see similar results? Ideally on Proxmox or on Debian based distros?

I don’t run anything mission, so I’ve taken the adapter out and I’m testing iperf3 on my AMD Fedora install to see if I see similar behaviour. I suspect NetworkManager will likely handle this better though, but I’ll keep an eye

In noting your logs, I see something that has my attention. But, this could be Debian specific.

If you’re able, grab a USB key and flash Ubuntu 22.04.3 onto it, boot to it, Live not installed. We test for hardware faults against tested distros.

Then run:

  • Firefox, watch a youtube video (it should lose connectivity pretty quick if it is a bad adapter).

  • If the connectivity is lost, then run:

journalctl | grep "NO ZLP"

If you return with output, stating the same spammed CDC NCM (NO ZLP), please open a ticket linking to this thread. Again, I need to be sure this is not a config issue, but historically NO ZLP is either device or firmware misbehaving.

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Indeed I get the NO ZLP error on Ubuntu. I wasn’t able to get multiple consecutive errors, however I do get at least once & it’s pretty consistent when I reboot the live CD.

FWIW, I don’t get the same error on Fedora (was running iperf for 1hr).

I’ll send a message to support linking this thread, I’m also happy to test out firmware if needed.

Sounds good on the ticket. Thanks