[RESPONDED] Storage Card No Longer Detected

Hi, I’ve had the 13th Gen Framework 13 AMD Ryzen 5 for about 4 months now and its been working great! Some bugs here and there but nothing really impacting performance.

I have Windows 11 on the internal drive and I was running Debian 12 on a 250 GB expansion card. Was working great for a while (although I had issues initially installing Debian on the expansion card), but now I can’t boot into the Storage card, and it doesn’t show up on the device practically anywhere. It’s detected in Windows 11 Settings but not in Device manager, or Drive management, or File Explorer. I’m not sure how to get it back online. I’m just wanting it back as a storage device now, as I’m going to be switching to Debian 12 full time in the near future (I need Windows for my current job, but I’m switching jobs and won’t need windows anymore).

I’ve tried doing some research but haven’t found anything helpful.

Am I missing something? Is it just fried? I opened it up and there was no scorch marks or anything like that.

Open to any suggestions.

First, if you are going to use Debian, make sure you are on a very current kernel as it will matter. We do have customer who use the expansion card for OS installs. However, it can be flaky as it is essentially a USB connection.

Does it appear if you boot into BIOS, remove the card and then re-insert it? I have seen this happen with USB flash drives, so I suspect we may be looking at something similar.

At the time of install it was the most current from the Debian site. Not sure of the exact code or number (I’m still new to Linux).

Tried your BIOS suggestion and it still doesn’t register as a bootable device.

Hi Matt, thank you for you initial reply. I tried your suggestion disconnecting it in the BIOS and reconnecting it and it still didn’t register as a bootable device. It is still registering as a device in Windows Settings, and I get a little sound when I insert the card, but it still doesn’t register in the File Explorer, or anywhere else.

Should I submit an official support ticket? I don’t want it to run Linux or any OS anymore; I just want it to function as a storage drive as intended.

I appreciate your help and feedback!

Yeah, let’s open a ticket. We can try reinstalling again, but ideally, where these cards really shine is for data storage. But we can see what we can do here.