[RESPONDED] Trouble transferring data to my new Framework 16

I bought a Sabrent NVME to Usb3.2 drive and put the SSD from my old laptop in it. When I try and use cp or rysnc to copy files over to the internal drive in my framework. I am getting lots of IO errors. I can make them go away by rebooting but that only makes it work for a few minutes. Is there any way to fix this? I am mounting the drive by using cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 olddisk then vgchange -ay then mount /dev/olddisk/lv_root /mnt/olddisk

Hi @Cowington_Post ,

Can you post the IO errors you’re having?

see AMD Framework and NVMe SSD Enclosure Compatibility Investigation

The IO errors were just “IO Error” in rsync/cp. I was able to transfer all of my stuff by just rebooting every 10 minutes and transferring small amounts at a time.

Made sure you check the integrity and completeness of data transferred this way.