[RESPONDED] Trouble upgrading to bios 3.19 from 3.04 on framework 13 from NixOS linux

Hello, I’m having trouble where no firmware updates are available after updating to use the lvfs-testing repo.

I have a full debug session and notes as a github gist, but essentially the problem is:

find System Firmware device id

fwupdtool get-devices | grep -v Loading | grep "System Firmware" -A2
    ├─System Firmware:
    │ │   Device ID:          a45df35ac0e948ee180fe216a5f703f32dda163f
    │ │   Summary:            UEFI ESRT device

try updating , no available firmware updates

sudo fwupdtool get-updates a45df35ac0e948ee180fe216a5f703f32dda163f | grep -v Loading
Devices with no available firmware updates: 
 • Fingerprint Sensor
 • System Firmware
 • UEFI Device Firmware
 • UEFI Device Firmware
 • UEFI Device Firmware
 • WD BLACK SN850X 1000GB
Devices with the latest available firmware version:
 • UEFI dbx

That last one is confusing since I only have one device with the latest available firmware version but all of the others have no device updates.

It seems like there is something wrong.

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What model of Framework Laptop are you using? BIOS 3.19 is for the 11th gen mainboards only, but is also only available through the Windows Executable updater right now. That said, if you have an 11th gen mainboard the newest BIOS that you can get on LVFS would be 3.17.

Per your logs you have a 13th Gen Intel, so there isn’t a bios update beyond the shipping one.

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Oh… okay. Thank you and sorry… my mistake.

So I should still be affected by the hdmi power draw issue since there isn’t a bios update yet?

With powerstat running once with and without the hdmi expansion card I observed a 5w difference, so I think I’m affected by it?

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hi @Ooombahhj welcome to the forums,

Can you try fedora 38 live and see if you’re seeing same amount of power draw?


@Loell_Framework Yes, I’ll start downloading it now and should be able to try it sometime today.