Aligning title prefix to describe the ticket status

@Loell_Framework Hi thank you for your support on this forum.

I see you are using different title prefix describing the ticket status such as [<space>Solved<space>] and [Responded] unlike @Matt_Hartley using [SOLVED] and [RESPONDED]. This difference might be small for you. But if you don’t have a specific preference for that, could you align the title prefix with the existing ones?

Thank you.

fixed, thanks.


Thank you!

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Yep, this is good. One point is I prefer (although I did forget for a hot minute) to stick to [RESOLVED] vs [SOLVED], technically it should be [RESOLVED] per my wishes.

But again, I’ve goofed this in the past myself. :slight_smile:

Rationale for why we do this is it makes tracking easier, is kinder on the eyes/consistent and of course, makes search queries consistent.

I find all caps to be harsh. SINCE IT’S GENERALLY SEEN AS YELLING if it’s within a post.