[RESPONDED] Use Ubuntu without snap? + other Ubuntu help

I have a FW13 with a 13th gen i5.

I dual booted windows 11 and Ubuntu. I really want to use Ubuntu only but I can’t bring myself to switch yet.

It feels sooo much slower in daily use and I think it’s due to snap packages which I’m struggling to get rid of. Firefox is definitely slower to launch but bearable. Bitwarden however takes about 10 seconds to launch.

Windows just feels so much snappier.

Any tips would be great!

For ref: I followed the FW install guide and did the terminal tweaks.

Some bonus issues:

  • Fingerprint, login without selecting my user first?
  • How can I hardware encrypt my drive?
  • 2 finger scrolling is insanely sensitive, but I can’t find a way to reduce the sensitivity?

Any other tips to ease the transition would be great, sick of windows pushing stuff on me

TPM based encryption will come in the next Ubuntu LTS release

Hi @Benjamin_Fisher ,

Have you tried installing firefox yet via a PPA repo?

How to Install Firefox as a .Deb on Ubuntu 22.04 (Not a Snap)

load times should be significantly faster,


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Linux Mint. Based on ubuntu but with added user-friendly niceties, and critically, snap disabled by default.

Ubuntu forcing snap for everything has been a very bad decision of theirs. As you’ve experienced, it unnecessarily bogs down the system, taking up a lot more storage and resources to run, and making some programs just ridiculously slow to start. App packages which are self-contained with their dependencies, such as Snap, Flatpak, and Appimage, do have their place, but it shouldn’t be forced upon you for everything. In Mint, they’re optional.

If you really want to stay with Ubuntu, there are guides on how to rip out the snap system. There might be side effects though.

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Is it just a single user? if so, maybe just press enter then scan finger? this ergonomically works well when you use right index finger to scan, right thumb to enter.

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You wanna really see slow? Try using the libreoffice snap. Honestly, just don’t use Ubuntu. If you care about speed, it’s best to switch to any other Distro that doesn’t force something you don’t like (that’s the great thing about Linux, choice).


“Ubuntu without snap” is basically Debian or Linux Mint (as mentioned above). Linux Mint would be friendlier from a new linux user point of view, so I’d try giving that a shot.

If the guide we provide is followed, distro version we recommend is used the following happens:

  • Snaps are, fast. Correct kernel OEM C in use and snaps are updated.

  • If you would prefer to avoid snaps altogether, we highly recommend using Fedora 38.