Reusing 13inch mainboard in a 16inch case

I have a laptop framework 13-inch upgraded with the i7-12th. So far, so good, except for the cooling.
Depending on the SSD and memory used, the laptop gets too hot. But it is fine.

But weeks ago, I dropped a cup of coffee on top of my keyboard, and now the space key is sticky. So all is working fine, but the keyboard.

I’m going to order a new keyboard, but I’m thinking about another alternative.

Is possible to buy a 16-inch case (all except the mainboard, wifi, etc…) and install the motherboard that I have into it?
Looking at the shape of the motherboard, they look completely different, mainly because of the cooling pipes. So I suppose that it is not an option.

Anyway, I’m asking to confirm because maybe I’m missing something.


13 inch main boards are a different form factor them the 16 inch.

In other words, it won’t fit.

New keyboard
New input cover with keyboard
New 16in computer and an independent case for the 13 inch.

Would probably choose option 2, since the keyboard to cover seems to have a ridiculous number of screws.

Keyboard replacement

Top cover replacement


You can try to clean the keyboard: