Touchpad appears to be slightly lower on one side + Keyboard cleaning suggestions

I just got my framework and am loving the experience so far! However I’m just a bit concerned with the touchpad, to me it looks like one side might be lower than the other on the touchpad, though it may just be my eyes. So if anyone else has their experience to share, I’d love to listen! Also, what are the ways that you clean your keyboards? Furthermore, is there a way to deep clean the keyboard for the future when it inevitably gets dirty?

For the touchpad, you can try to adjust the position by following this guide.

There is also a guide for cleaning the laptop here: How do I clean the outside of my Framework Laptop?

If you are concerned about dust and debris building up under the keycaps, a can of compressed air should help with that. I wouldn’t recommend removing the keycaps as it could result in damage to the underlying mechanism. You could dismount the keyboard from the input cover to allow for deeper cleaning with compressed air underneath the keycaps. You can follow the keyboard replacement guide to do this.


Is it lower on one side, or is there just more light coming through on one side when you view it from a low angle in the front?

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Yeah, taking off the keycaps is a really bad idea, it’s very easy to break the little butterfly mechanism in the keys if you lever them off in the wrong spot, and keyboard replacements are likely to give you a repetitive motion injury if you don’t properly stretch your wrist and take breaks.

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Thanks for all the feedback! I know how hard the butterfly mechanisms are to put back together. Those switches really are nightmares to fix, and given my lack of expertise, I didn’t intend to remove them! Thanks for the concern though!

Looking a bit better at it with more light, I probably am just worrying about nothing. I think it all looks level now, so it might have been my previous lighting?


Thanks for the advice _Panda. I might give it a second readjust if it ever dips down too low!
Thanks for the links too, and that keyboard replacement page is exactly what I was looking for the future; easy access to the whole thing but without removing keycaps!
Furthermore, thanks to the others that responded to all of this!


I have this issue as well. I have tried the guide, but it didn’t fix it. I submitted a support ticket but no response yet. I can tell that the bottom right side is kind of scraping a bit which makes the clicking kind of spongy.

Wondering if anyone had this issue and how to fix it…it’s making the touchpad very spongy instead of crisp when clicking.

This solved it for me:

Send the trackpad / input cover back. Paper wedges / spacers should not be considered as a solution. Seems like this is tooling / mechanical precision issue.

I agree but I’ve submitted two support tickets over the last few months with no reply so I don’t know what to do.

Edit: I went ahead and resent another.

Just an update. the Framework team ended up sending me a new input cover and it IS AMAZING. I absolutely love this laptop and I see what the actual framework experience is now. If you are having issues, I recommend checking in with the support team to see if they can help you out.