RS232/485 port

In the world of Industrial Automation the RS232/485 port is still very common for programming older and small scale PLC’s (Program Logic Controllers). Some of these systems are over 20 years old and are based on these older communication standards.

Most programmers for PLC’s typically have a older laptop or desktop that is running Win 7 so that they ack address these older systems. From experience the USB to 232/485 dongles do not tend to work with WIN10 and specific external interfaces that convert E-Net to RS232 cost over $1000.

Looking at the modules, RS232 won’t physically fit. I think the external port will also have stronger grip than the module itself and will be USB under the hood anyway.

You’ll be happier with a $60-80 standalone USB device with properly WHQL signed drivers.

It should be possible to do a RS232 that bumps out from the form factor of the card (like we are planning to do for Ethernet). As @RandomInsano notes, that would still be USB to RS232 under the hood, using something like an FTDI bridge.

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