Ryzen - Flickering or nonresponsive external display

I’ve had my Framework 13 Ryzen for about a month, but have been seeing weird issues when I try connecting it to external displays. In some cases it’ll work fine, but in others the display isn’t ever recognized. Sometimes it activates, but then the display begins to flicker every few seconds.

Here’s a video of what I saw this morning. Yesterday, it was working fine, but this morning I awoke to this: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Framework 13, Ryzen 7040
Running Windows 11, BIOS 3.03

In the video it’s hooked up to a Thunderbolt 3 dock (HP G2), which is hooked up to a 4K monitor(HP Z27) via DisplayPort. But I’ve tried with other non-powered USB hubs, and see similar behavior (either flickering display, or it’s just never recognized).

This seems like it could be related to other posts about USB-C power, but in general it appears like the device is still receiving power from the dock. It’s just unable to recognize or activate the display. AMD Ryzen 7040 Series BIOS 3.03 and Driver Bundle Release