Samsung External SSD not recognized

Good day Framework and Community Support,

Is there something within the BIOS I need to change to get some external memory storages to function?

I am using a 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz Framework Laptop running Windows 11.

I have an External Samsung SSD T1 flash drive that isn’t being recognized at all by the framework laptop, not in disk management and not in device manger. I have already confirmed it to work on a Windows 10 laptop and a 2009 Macbook Pro so I know the drive is in working order. Other flash media have worked so far with this computer, but I have yet used one with an encryption software like Samsung uses and I’m thinking that in combination with the modular USB-A extension card may be causing some sort of issue.

Samsung SSD T1 uses a Micro B to USB-A cable which I’m plugging into the USB-A expansion card slot. The drive does receive power as a blue light on the external SSD does turn on when plugged in.

I called Samsung support and they do not have any current support issues with this drive on Windows 11 so I’m suspicious if that is actually a problem.

Anyone have any idea how to get this SSD to be recognized?

I’m curious if plugging the USB-A in halfway gets the drive to show up for you. See this thread for more details: [RESPONDED] Quirky USB Port

Thanks @brianshmrian. I did update the Bios from 3.02 to 3.17, however that did not fix the issue. That said someone made the comment about half-way plugging in the USB-A, tried that and it worked. How is that possible? Anyway glad it worked.

Hey, I’m glad it worked!

It turns out that plugging the USB-A connector in half-way causes it to connect at USB-2 speed instead of USB-3 speed. The underlying problem has to do with USB-3 connections on the Framework - both with connecting and staying connected. In order to have stable USB-3 connections for now, I’ve had success using this powered USB-C hub:

It’s still an open question why this is the case. I’ve had an on-going customer support ticket with Framework since February 2022.