Screw availability

I’m probably the most clumsy guy on this planet and misplacing screws is one of my specialties.

I’m really grateful that the screws are the same type and color coded, but will there ever be like a pack of screws you can buy?

It’d be nice to have some standardised food for my screw eating carpet.

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Spare screws are included, inside

Oh and a really good magnet helps. Most so called stainless steel screws in electronics are susceoptable to magnetism.

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Yeah i’m aware about that, it’s really awesome!

I’m really clumsy and tend to lose more than one screw tho. :sweat_smile:

I opened up a chromebook because the display was malfunctioning, display was fixed but i lost like 5 screws even though i had them all nice and organised in little trays.

I’ll look into magnetic organizers for now, thanks!

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