Seeking Suggestions Regarding Unnecessarily Ordered Graphics Module

Hello all,

I have pre-ordered a Framework Laptop 16. Much too late, I realized that the CPU’s integrated graphics are sufficient for my needs and therefore the Graphics Module I selected was an entirely superfluous addition to the order. As such, I am seeking suggestions for how to handle this situation, whilst preferably recuperating as much of the module’s market value as possible.

For context, I’m sharing the message I recently sent to Framework Support, which contains additional details about this situation:

BLUF: I have pre-ordered the DIY Framework Laptop 16 (batch 2; order number [redacted]) and I wish to make two changes to my selected configuration. First, I’d like to remove the single microSD Expansion Card I currently have in my order. Second, I’d also like to remove the RX 7700S Graphics Module (and replace it with the default Expansion Bay Shell).

While reading the recently published reviews of the FL16, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the integrated 780M GPU. Having not purchased a laptop for almost a decade now, I realized that I’ve been out of touch with the market and wasn’t aware of just how far iGPUs have progressed over the past few years - especially AMD’s offerings. Thankfully, it seems my impression that laptops require a discrete GPU for anything but the lightest of workloads is firmly outdated. In addition, the current discrete graphics module commands a significant price premium which I would prefer to avoid paying since I don’t require the extra performance. I will not be running games or other graphically intensive tasks on the machine, so I believe it’s safe for me to forgo the GPU Expansion Bay in my order.

I do not anticipate there will be any problems with my first request, but there’s some conflicting information regarding the latter. One of Framework’s support pages [1] states that certain alterations “cannot be made to an existing Framework Laptop 16 Pre-Order without cancellation” including “changing the Expansion Bay Module to add or remove a Graphics Module”.

However, on another support page [2], it is written that “New Framework Laptop 16 pre-orders that have included a Graphics Module containing an AMD Radeon™ GPU will be eligible for a Starfield™ Premium Edition game code […] You may lose eligibility for this pre-order gift if you make certain order modifications, such as removing the Graphics Module from your pre-order.” This implies that the dGPU can indeed be removed from one’s order. I certainly hope this is the case. Finally, as per the above, I understand and accept that by removing the Graphics Module from my configuration, I will be forfeiting any perks that come with it (namely, the Starfield activation code, which I have not yet redeemed).

Thank you very much to the Framework team. I wish you a smooth product launch, and I look forward to seeing your continued success over the coming years!


As expected, the response from Support confirmed that I cannot remove the Graphics Module from my pre-order. Subsequently, I inquired about the possibility of returning only the Graphics Module after my order has been delivered. This course of action was also rejected by Support.

I understand Framework’s position on this matter and I accept full responsibility for my oversight which led to this predicament in the first place. It is highly uncharacteristic of me to make important decisions without significant deliberation and prior research. However, as I am presently in great need of a new laptop, I chose to act quickly in this case so as to secure a relatively early pre-order position for the product. While in some sense I did accomplish that goal, I am now unfortunately paying the price (quite literally) for this show of impulsiveness.

As a last resort, I am appealing to the knowledge of the community. Seeing as I neither have the option to modify my pre-order as desired nor return the relevant portion of it in isolation, is anyone able to conceive of another avenue for me out of this tricky situation?

Thank you all for your consideration.


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Thats quite surprising that you cant change that, given that you can basically swap, add or remove any other part of your order except the base laptop…

How fast and for what needs to you require a laptop? There is the option to cancel your order, ordee correctly and rent a laptop for the time. Or buy one on ebay and resell it later. Its quite the hassle and you might lose some money through the second one.

Other than that, maybe find a member here who lives in your country who would swap his empty bay with your module. But that would require some basic private information from your part.

Other than that i am also clueless…


I may be in your opposite position where I didn’t order the expansion bay gpu and wish I had.

You’ve got two options:

  1. cancel the order and go to the back of the queue in Batch 16.
  2. Keep your place in the queue and privately sell the graphics module to recoup some money.

Third-party marketplaces should resolve this eventually for you and everyone else whose needs change. Plenty of FW13 stuff available on eBay and some on Facebook marketplace. It’ll be true for FW16 as well eventually.

First buy an expansion bay shell, then sell the GPU. Framework Marketplace isn’t actually selling the expansion bay shell or graphics module individually yet, they’re “coming soon”, so you might be able to get full price for it if someone really wants it and can’t wait. And if you can find someone who similarly no longer wants their shell.

I wouldn’t mind trading my shell with you, but you’d have to wait until Q2 or Q3 as I haven’t placed any order yet. But I personally do want the GPU and would totally be willing to buy third-party if I could save $100 including shipping.

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I was in the same situation but in the inverse. My batch 5 had no gpu expension with the order. I reached to support asking if I can add it and they accepted saying that I can change and modify the order as I please. As it turns out, a couple of weeks later I started seeing reviews of the gpu and wanted to remove it from the order as I was not impressed with its performance. Well they declined by saying that such modifications were not allowed.

I was not pleased, because they seem to have added this new policy half way through although they initially told me that I can change the order as I please before shipping. I wish I knew that I couldnt because I would of have had been more carefull with adding it in the first place.

Anyhow, I canceled batch 5 and placed another order for batch 12 which is also now cancel because I did not want to wait anymore.

I think that if you can wait it out, place another order and cancel the one you have. Because to be honest I think the fw16 will have lots of problems at launch. I find that the fw13 was a better product.

I was thinking about updating my order to add one. I could buy it off of you if you’d like

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Thank you!

Though my computer is a personal machine, I primarily use it for work and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. My current laptop is a nearly decade-old dual-core system. While it is still usable for the workloads I task it with (generally CPU-intensive processes such as simulations and compilation), the experience is… less than pleasant. I’ve noticed that my productivity is being impacted as the machine becomes increasingly more anemic over time. As such, I would like to obtain a new laptop soon. I had previously planned for the Framework Laptop 16 to be delivered in Q4 2023 (as was originally announced), so the schedule for retiring my current machine has already been impacted; avoiding any further delays would be ideal.

I was aware of the option to cancel my current pre-order and place a new one with an amended configuration (and Support did reiterate this possibility to me in their first response). Of course, this would shift me to the current pre-order batch, which is projected to be delivered around June. I’ve weighed the opportunity costs of waiting an additional half-year to obtain this laptop versus the benefit of recuperating the cost of the Graphics Module. After running the numbers, it’s clear that cancelling my order is not worthwhile. I do appreciate the suggestion, though.

I am giving due consideration to this choice. My primary concern is - as you noted - incurring a serious penalty during the resale process. In modelling this scenario, I’ve attempted to factor in the loss, but its exact magnitude is difficult to accurately predict. On top of this, there will be overhead associated with finding a reasonable seller and buyer, perhaps receiving a product not as advertised, exacerbating the process by falling victim to shipping damage, and so on. It is, indeed, “quite the hassle”. Nonetheless, I will continue to explore the possibilities and assess the risks of this approach. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Fortunately for those in your position, the Graphics Module (and all other components of the Framework Laptop 16) will be available for purchase on the Marketplace. While they are presently listed as “Coming Soon”, Nirav has commented on this in another topic:

Therefore (if Framework’s plans haven’t changed), you will very likely be able to order a Graphics Module independently of your laptop within a month or so, with all the benefits that purchasing from a first party brings (a manufacturer’s warranty, the possibility of returns, etc.). I hope this works out for you and that you’re able to secure the components you want shortly.

The reverse does not seem to be possible, however. While one can purchase a Graphics Module from Framework to add to their pre-ordered laptop after the fact, they cannot return a module which was originally bundled with a pre-order:

Based on the response I received from them, it seems Framework’s logistics prevent the latter scenario from materializing. This is understandable, albeit quite frustrating.

Thank you for bringing this up. As mentioned in one of my earlier replies, I am evaluating it as a way forward:

Does there exist a list of third-party marketplaces? In addition to your suggestions above, I know of r/frameworkmarket on Reddit. If there are any other options to investigate, please do let me know.

As noted above, those who wish to purchase the Graphics Module independently of their pre-order will likely be able to do so shortly:

According to the “Return Policy” section of Framework’s Terms of Sale:

Framework will accept returns and exchanges for eligible Products for up to 30 days after the date of shipment […] in like new condition and in its original packaging, along with all parts, components, instruction manuals, and documentation that were initially included. [Emphasis added]

Therefore, I will not be in a position to resell the Graphics Module for at least a month after my laptop is shipped; doing so would prevent me from making a full return in the face of any serious issues discovered with the machine later on. By the time I can safely sell the module, it is quite likely to be purchasable directly from Framework. Given the aforementioned benefits, I expect most people to opt for that route.

Thank you, I will bear this in mind. As you noted, it will likely be late Q2 or early Q3 2024 by the time you obtain your laptop. If you wish to discuss this further at that point, please send me a follow-up message. However, I cannot guarantee that I will still have the module in my possession. My situation may be resolved well before then.

This is quite interesting and runs counter to everything I have read about others in similar situations.

Would you be amenable to sharing the conversation you had with Support (appropriately redacted, of course)? If so, please note the date each message was sent. I’d like to get a better idea of the timeline for the policy change you mentioned.

I appreciate your offer, thank you. However, you will shortly have the option of purchasing the Graphics Module directly from Framework, as detailed in one of my previous replies:

In light of the above information, I cannot in good conscience recommend that you buy from any third-party sellers (including myself). I completely understand if you decide to purchase from the official distributor. However, if you are still interested in pursuing this deal with me, kindly let me know. Please be aware that I will not be able to sell the module for at least a month after it is shipped to me:

After further research and discussion with Support, I have learned that Framework’s warranties are attached to products rather than to the customer who purchased them. In effect, this means that the warranties are transferable when said products are sold second-hand, as confirmed here and here. Support has clarified that there is no formal “transfer” process; rather, products’ serial numbers are used to determine whether they are within their original warranty period, even after being passed between customers:

Framework certainly aims to offer warranty support for second hand sales as this is in line with our company mission. We do not currently transfer the order to a new account but our policy in support is if a customer reaches out having purchased a Framework Laptop from another user, is to verify warranty status with the serial number and we endeavor to offer RMA support where necessary in all supported countries.

This finding alleviates my remaining concerns with reselling the Graphics Module to another FL16 user. I will thus be putting the item up for sale once the 30-day return period on my order expires; now that Batch 2 shipments have begun, I anticipate this to be sometime in the second half of March. Barring any unexpected circumstances arising, I will create a dedicated thread for this matter around then.

Before this, however, I’d like to make an initial offer to @Micah_Lindstrom and @Vic_Lopez, since earlier in this topic you both expressed interest in potentially purchasing the Graphics Module from me. By any chance, do either of you reside in Canada? It would be much easier for me to sell domestically, so I am prioritizing that approach first.

Finally, I wanted to make a proposal for adding an item to Framework’s official documentation. Instead of distracting Support with this relatively trivial matter (since I imagine they are heavily loaded with questions and requests now that shipping of the FL16 has begun), I thought it would be better to post it on the Community Forums instead. @Destroya, please consider forwarding this internally if you believe there would be any value in doing so. What follows is merely a suggestion, however, so feel free to ignore it if it does not seem worthwhile to pursue.

During my aforementioned conversation with Support, I wrote:

I wasn’t able to locate the warranty transfer details you’ve given me on any of Framework’s official policy pages. Please consider including this information somewhere on your website (perhaps in a new knowledge base article) so future customers can find it more easily.

Quoting the relevant portion of Support’s response:

As for formal documentation around transfer of warranty, we do not officially support resale of new product for commercial use, however, we do allow the existing warranty to carry over for secondhand sales of used product for consumer use, as is your use case. There is no official “transfer” process as we utilize the serial number of the product for warranty period tracking. If and when there is an official process to transfer warranties which requires engagement from the original owner, we will absolutely update official documentation to include it.

In retrospect, I realize that my proposition was worded poorly. I didn’t intend to ask for the warranty transfer process to be documented (since of course no such process currently exists). Instead, what I had in mind was more akin to clarifying Framework’s position on secondhand sales and the fact that such transactions do not invalidate existing product warranties.

To better illustrate the idea, I’ve written it out in the format of a knowledge base article. The verbiage is paraphrased from responses I’ve received from Support as well as posts by Framework employees on the Community Forums:

Can I sell my used Framework products or buy parts from other users?

Framework encourages second-hand sales and parts trading amongst the Community as this is in line with our company mission. However, the resale of products for commercial use is not supported.

For products within their original warranty period, we allow the existing warranty to carry over to the new user. Items are not transferred between accounts, but if a customer reaches out to Support having purchased a Framework product from another user, we will verify its warranty status with the serial number.

We endeavor to offer RMA support where necessary in all supported countries. If a product is sold to a customer outside of our supported regions, we will typically aim to help provide RMA support, though we cannot offer forward or reverse logistics in those countries. The customer will be required to send hardware to our repair centers at their own cost in these scenarios.


To close out this topic, I wanted to report that I indeed ended up selling my Graphics Module to another user on these forums. For those who are curious, the details can be found here.

Thank you again to everybody who commented with their advice and suggestions - I found them quite helpful when formulating a strategy to approach this situation.

@moderators, please feel free to lock this topic if you believe it would be beneficial to do so.

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