Self encrypting drive on Ubuntu 22.04

I know that the hardware encryption of SSD can not be trusted as it is proprietary and also there are some ways to defeat it as demonstrated in an IEEE paper: Self-Encrypting Deception: Weaknesses in the Encryption of Solid State Drives IEEE Conference Publication IEEE Xplore. But for my threat level, I want to use hardware encryption and not LUKS. I have received an email from Samsung that the issues raised in the IEEE paper has been resolved in Samsung 980 Pro.

Samsung proivides firmware image that can be downloaded at: Samsung Magician & SSD Tools & Software Update Samsung Semiconductor Global, but I am not sure if I can use this on Ubuntu. Can someone try and comment on this?

Is someone in the same situation as I am?

  1. What SSD are you using (Is it Samsung 980 Pro)?
  2. How was your experience with setting up (and chaning) the password using sedutil? Or you used something else?
  3. Were you able to do SSD firmware update? How did you do it?