Self-encrypting drives

Despite the lack of a TrackPoint, I’ve gone ahead and pre-ordered a DIY edition. However, I skipped the drive. Not because I have a spare gen4 nvme m.2 drive lying around, but because I’m holding out to source an Opal2 SED.

Wanted to put it out there, because I would order an SED with the laptop if it were an option. Does the UEFI firmware support enabling a boot-time unlock of an SED? Was this skipped for perceived lack of demand, or the lack of gen4 m.2 SEDs?

On the crazy side, I’d like to mutter about u.2 support for some truly fast storage, but I know, it wouldn’t fit in the chassis. Or probably the power envelope.


I’d like to know this as well as I contemplate using a PBA with my Samsung SSD. Can someone with knowledge of the firmware comment on this?

The firmware does take a hdd password and claims the SSD encryption has been enabled (rocking a 980 pro): I haven’t bothered to pull the drive and verify state independently. HDD password the firmware takes is relatively short. Maybe 8 characters? What I’m typing is a hell of a lot longer, but it only takes so many characters. One of these days I need to get around to actually stopping/counting that as well…

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Have you tried sedutil-cli? I’m planning on using it via rear, as outlined in their guide: