Sensel Force Haptic Touchpad?

There’s new Touchpad Tech in town, The Sensel Force Haptic Touchpad which looks awesome.

I’m wondering if this is on the radar as a possible future option.


There’s a discussion on this here: Are more advanced Touchpad + Keyboard options possible/likely?


I was about to ask about this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if too many people know about this, but Sensel trackpads are going to be a major upgrade moving forward to trackpad technology and I’m proposing there should be a sensel upgrade option on the framework laptop. It’d definitely continue to prove the value proposition for this laptop even more.


I was also wondering if we would see a touch screen option in the future. This feature is a deal breaker for me.

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I agree a touchscreen should be a must esp for Windows.

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Sensel has commented before that they’re open ears for working with Framework. Sensel is a pretty small company as Frore Systems, so there may be hope for a Sensel x Frore System Laptop one day.


Not sure why this is in this thread, but that’s great news!

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I’m not going to share any more than this, but I am working on something along the lines of a Sensel touchpad.


Interesting. For the 13 and 16?

13 is a definite, and 16 is a very high likelihood but I cannot start working on it till I get dimensions.


@Josh_Cook Do you have anywhere to contact you or somewhere to follow development?

This project is on hold for a bit as Sensel does not have available engineering resources.


There are only two reasons I’m using apple’s M1 pro:

  • battery life
  • touchpad

I can live with poorer battery life, but the macbook’s touchpad was a complete gamechanger for me and my daily routines. I hate the fact that I’m forced to use apple’s hardware/software in order to get that experience.

As soon as Framework includes haptic touchpad I’m in.


Haptic touchpads are so nice honestly


@Josh_Cook Any update on this? I’m extremely interested in this! I would love to contribute in any way possible. I’m only a software engineer though, so I probably can’t help with the hardware stuff. But I’d be available to test and tinker and 3d print and design anything or give general feedback.

I believe this would be an amazing addition to the Framework ecosystem! Lmk if there’s anything I can do or if there’s somewhere where I (or others) can follow the development process.


Just wanted to add to this to show interest in a sensel (or any other haptic trackpad) for the laptops :slight_smile:


Came here to say this. I recently discovered that in the last few years since I bought a laptop manufacturers no longer make windows laptops with physical click buttons. I absolutely refuse to buy a laptop with a crappy diving board touchpad. If framework had the option for a good haptic touchpad I would probably buy it on the spot

They are still available. Look for laptops with a pointer stick, like Lenovo ThinkPads.

Is that still the case?

I recently stumbled over the linus video and am quite intrigued by the concept, I would buy one if it was available.

Only downside is it may make using laptops without it somewhat harder once I am used to it.