Shipping Costs Marketplace Europe (Netherlands)

Hi, I was planning to purchase the orange bezel on the Marketplace. 60EUR is aready not cheap, but when I saw that 30EUR shipping costs were added, I cancelled the order. Does anybody know if and when shipping costs might go down?

Nrp has said it in a previous thread

[Announcing the Framework Marketplace - #97 by nrp]

They are still shipping from overseas, and are eating a part of the cost to be “consumer friendly” is you badly need something

EDIT: I re-read my post, wanted to apologize as my post is a bit to the point (I was at work, wanted to be quick)

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

As explained parts are being shipped from Taiwan, so not really a European market place.

As you will end up with a spare bezel, why not colour it. Maybe use a metallic orange nail polish for extra highlights :slight_smile: I use clear on cracked screens etc.