Shipping dates FW 16

I think it but confirms no shipments before Christmas. With “One tricky part of the timing is that our manufacturer and our fulfillment partners both have year end inventory audits that block incoming and outgoing shipments for several days” and the first couple going to reviewers, i think it’s safe to assume. I hope they get to enjoy the holidays which means early January.


I think the goal now needs to be to get as many batches out before Chinese new year at the start if Feb, Once all the final testing is complete, would still rather wait than have a half baked solution.


Pre-orders batches has been stuck on Batch 15 for a while now. I wonder if many potential customers are holding their breathes for the production machine to start spinning.

That being said, many of us are overly excited and eager to put our hands in the dough, whenever it may happens, we just want a great product.

Batch sizes may also be different


they also said at one point they don’t want to push preorders even further into 2024, than they were at that point (i think it was Q1??). Rather they want to ramp production to such a degree that all preorder batches are shipped by Q2 and you can just buy and recieve in a matter of days.
Maybe batch 15 is really big as you said because they just want it to be the last preorder batch if they can manage that in any way

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From 6 days ago aka Dec 14th

Third update on Framework Laptop 16 shipment timing

In our earlier update emails, we shared detail on the key items we need to close to start Framework Laptop 16 mass production. We continue to resolve these, working closely with AMD, our manufacturer Compal, and our various module suppliers. Our first run of Mainboard production went smoothly, and almost all material is staged for the initial laptop units. The remaining parts are the thermal modules, as we’ve detailed below. With the first set of those in hand, we expect to start First Article Inspection (FAI) production next week, which is an operations verification system build with mass production parts and processes. After that, we’ll build a small set of laptops to provide to press reviewers. Once we resolve the final issues below, we’ll be able to then proceed into Batch 1 production and shipments.

One tricky part of the timing is that our manufacturer and our fulfillment partners both have year end inventory audits that block incoming and outgoing shipments for several days. We expect to be able to communicate a more detailed shipping schedule for Batch 1 in the next email update.

New issues

  1. Power adapter compatibility - We found that the release candidate power adapter firmware (yes, power adapters have firmware!) has compatibility issues supporting >90W on devices other than the Framework Laptop 16. Our power adapter vendor Chicony is currently modifying the firmware and retesting. We consider this a ship blocker because updating the firmware requires a special fixture, and we want to ensure that we’re shipping a broadly compatible power adapter rather than using proprietary high-wattage modes like many notebook makers do.
  2. Compatibility issues with a few games - In AMD’s validation, they found that on a handful of Ubisoft games like Far Cry 6 and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Smart Access Graphics MUX switching isn’t working correctly, resulting in a black screen. AMD has a driver update in development now that will land in early January with fixes for this. This won’t end up being a ship blocker, but we felt it was worth flagging.

In progress

  1. Fan production schedule - We’ve resolved both the “chirping noise on startup” and the “high pitched airflow noise” issues, but are still tracking the manufacturing schedule for mass production fans. The long pole in the schedule is the new fan controller IC in the fan that resolves the chirping noise. Our fan supplier, Cooler Master has started building a small batch of fans with the new ICs, and has a large quantity of ICs inbound to continue production.

Resolved issues

  1. Graphics Module compatibility issues in Linux - I’m sure you are all as happy to see this in “Resolved issues” as we are! Engineers at AMD were able to root cause the issue to a PCIe memory map-related setting in Insyde’s BIOS, and with a minor code change, the Graphics Module is now working correctly in Linux. There is further testing we need to do with this now, but we don’t expect it to become a schedule issue.
  2. USB-PD firmware is in the process of completion - We now have release candidate firmware and need to complete validation to confirm that all issues are resolved, but similarly don’t expect this to become a blocker.
  3. Power tuning during heavy loading - We’ve done additional power tuning with various power adapter wattages, and have a final table for production. This is likely an area that we’ll have further tuning on post-launch to optimize performance.
  4. LED Matrix module schedule is trending late - LED Matrix production is now on track to intercept system production.

This is was already posted by framework and is currently pinned in this sub-forum → Third update on Framework Laptop 16 shipment timing


so far anyone card is charged for laptop payment or not yet ? they said they will charge it month early

Not here (France). They wanted to send a mail first.

Having to wait a month between being charged and the laptop being shipped seems to not have been the case with FW13. More like a week.


If that.

That seems like good news :grin:

There is still no information about an estimated shipping if batch 1 and no shipping to press.
Before this I think there will be no charge.


yeah I’ve seen people posting on the subreddit about getting the email about being charged and then receiving the laptop like 3 days later (at least for the AMD 13)

TBH i don’t think it will happen this year and wholeheartedly wish it.
No need to crunch work through holidays.
I am fine waiting 1-2 weeks longer if they are all relaxed and could spend some nice quality vacation time.
I also don’t think that any company would launch something (relatively to their size) this big while many employees are not working.


I suspect there will be a general update email sent out to tell everyone the state of the issues that needed resolving before they send out the one about charging, if they don’t come out at the same time.

Also seeing as an initial test production batch is being sent out to press for reviews we’ll see some noise from those possibly before they start shipping.


And another update in the mailbox.

I like this transparancy and the list of issues is getting nice and short.

Looking forward to the next one :slight_smile:


I don’t cause that would mean there is another update instead of shipping notifications :smile:

A bit of sarcasm, of course. Love the updates and their transparency. Absolutely ecstatic to finally have my FWL16 in a few weeks.


Fr the fourth update made it sound like only minor stuff are left and production should start when the factory reopens but I just hope nothing new comes up between now and then (although I would rather it comes up now rather than later after I get the laptop).


For anyone who hasn’t seen it, TL;DR:
They will have all final parts for for assembly in mass production in their factory on January 22nd and expect to send the “your batch is being prepared”-mails for Batch 1 before the end of January

I guess that should mean shipping of the first unit in the first week of February, and most people seem to speculate that they will ship one batch per week, like with the later FWL13-AMD batches