Shipping dates FW 16

Hoping everyone is doing okay, I was just wondering if anyone from the FW team could give us some update on the expected shipping calendar for the FW 16 laptop?

I guess that first batches should be shipping relatively soon, so I figured it was about time we get some sort of information as to when we could expect Q4 batches to ship.

Thanks in advance!


You cannot estimate the ship date for the first few batches as manufacturing hardware is very hard, so issues are almost certain to come up even as the MP ramp comes through even though they should be prevented, this is likely why FW has given a 3 month period for shipping. I’d expect B1 to ship early midway through Q4


Hey Batch2 here in my order says Q4 so I’m probably gonna get it end of Q4 if Batch3 is Q1.

I would be happy to geht it in November.

My order says

Batch 4 - Ships late Q4

, but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

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Batch 3 is also Q4.

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I’m also batch 3 and hoping for early November to mid November. I think batch 4 is also Q4, that’s probably shipping in December?

Anyway, I’m still hoping for this to get enough attention so that someone from FW gives us more than conjectures.

Best to y’all!

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I wouldn’t count on any updates before Batch 1 starts shipping. The probability of overpromising is too great in an operation this complex run by a company this small which is probably revving at or very near the redline. So many little things could cause delays right till the very last minute, and there’s not a forum on the internet that won’t burst into flames when a precise delivery date isn’t met. I think even the resolution of early/late in a quarter is very generous of them to promise us.

Personally I’m just treating my 16 as a possibly-early Christmas/birthday present to myself. They’re two days apart, and a gift this big usually means I have to combine them. Feel free to enter the end-of-year holiday of your choosing, of course!


I’m batch 1 and mainly am getting it for school. Since certain batches are specifically “late Q4”, I assume batch 1 will be around October. I start school late September so I’m hoping I only have to wait a few weeks. :crossed_fingers:


I’m batch 6. and I thought I read somewhere on the community posts here that batch 1 was delayed because of some electrical issues, though I may be remembering incorrectly. My ship date says Q1, maybe of 2024, though it doesn’t list a year. I’m not counting on that, though, and in my opinion, if there do happen to be problems or defects that are ironed out in earlier batches, I’ll be willing to wait a year for mine to arrive. Possibly longer. I look at any pre-orders as, it’ll arrive when it arrives. Though, hopefully I’ll receive some sort of update from Framework when the shipping date is closer to actually being a reality.

I also remember something about electrical issue and delay of batch 1, but unfortunately couldn’t find it…
Also also I remember someone official definitely confirming that Q1 means first quarter of 2024. Honestly would be weird if they ship one batch in December 2023 and then wait a year to ship the next in January 2024, when the hardware is also outdated.


The delays were for Framework Laptop 13 (AMD 7040 Series), not Framework Laptop 16. At this time, FWL 16 is unaffected.


They have not started mass production yet… Q4 is the estimate. I am expecting oct-Nov for batch 1.

Just a note since no one has said anything about it. This is a user forum, and while sometimes Framework employees will respond here, there is no guarantee they will. If you want a response from the team, send a message to Support, though for this question specifically they may not be able to give you an answer beyond what other users have said in this thread.

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any clearer dates for the batches of the framework 16.

Will batch one be shipped at the start of october, mid? Maybe some point in November?


How does payment work, I fear my bank saying no until further validation that Im making the purchace, may push my framework date back , is that a valid concern?

No more exact dates are available.

I believe you should have received an email with a Framework-16 preorder about payment. Iirc a $100 deposit is taken at the time of preorder, and before the remaining is charged you will receive an email allowing time for you to be sure you have funds available.


My concern isnt about not having the funds, my worry is what happens when they try to take the money, the bank says no, sends a text, or calls, to confirm that youre the one purchacing, and then says I can make the purchace.

Will framework let me make the purcase manually, will i have to chase support as soon as I get the text, things like that?

Why would your bank say deny the charge? I don’t believe there will be anything unusual about the charge. Preorders are done all the time. I would guess that they may not even appear as a different kind of transaction to banks. Just a separate transaction from the preorder deposit.

They’ve done it a few times, Theyve sent me pass codes to spend 49.99 on steam before, I dont think they’re going to let an order over 2000 go through without double checking that I’m making the order.

Over $50 even, wow. What happens to the order when they do this?

You could try connecting Framework support to ask how it’s handled on their end. While they do read and respond to some posts here, it’s primarily a community forum.

To be honest, I’d look for a different bank if it was me. Or better, a Credit Union. Banks & CUs can vary a lot in how well they treat you. Some will treat you like you should just be thankful to them for letting you use your own money. My CU is fabulous. It’s a stark difference from some institutions which have lost me as a customer or member. You do want them to question particularly unusual transactions, but a $50 stream purchase, that makes them sound much too overzealous imho. And properly done, they should take into account your prior purchase history.