Shipping of the DIY edition

Hello, I ordered a framework laptop in July and am yet to receive my laptop even though the batch ship date was set for September. I was sent my “We’re preparing to ship your batch!” email on the 7th of this month and haven’t heard from them since. So my question to anyone who has received their laptop is, how long after you received the aforementioned email did you receive your shipping email? Any input would be quite helpful as I’m getting a little worried about the status of my order and I want other’s advice before I go through customer service.

You can check over there: Batch 3 delivery thread

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My guess is you have between this week to next week to wait. My delivery confirmation took an agonizingly long time in my head, but if I recall it was maybe only a week and a half out from when I got the ‘prep’ email. Work has no connection to external email though so I may be misremembering.