Former Batch 1 owners, how long until you got shipping notifications?

Pretty much the title. I didn’t really expect to get a shipping notification yesterday (although that would have been absolutely SWEET!) but I am curious about the general time frame between batches opening for shipping and the date the email came saying the order shipped. I expect emails to start going out next week (fingers crossed I’m among the first!) but perhaps that’s still too early. Thoughts?

Looking at my emails, the announcement that shipping started was on 7/22, and then I got a “preparing to ship” on 7/27, a “shipping soon” on 7/29, and then my laptop finally shipped on 7/31.

I ordered the first day I knew about Framework, on 5/13, but I’m not sure how long they’d been available to order.

Not sure how the 12th gen will compare. I’m sure Framework has changed quite a bit over the past year

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If there’s any improvement…let’s hope they ship out before the last week of the month.

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Yeah, that’s pretty rough. Shipping out the day before the next month is fulfilling the barest minimum. My guess is that they prepare the entire batch and send it all out in 1 go?

In the initial shipment last year, batch 1 of the Tiger Lakes, there was an additional sub batching level where they shipped out all of the similar configurations together.

Mine happened to be at the end of the list.
High memory, moderately large HD, 8 expansion cards. My July batch 1 was shipped and received in the first week of August.