Shipping to Puerto Rico

Hi all,

Just wanted to ask where shipping to PR was on the roadmap if it’s there at all. Absolutely understandble if not, though (shipping here has always been a mess). However, I was wondering if you guys have an estimate for the weight of the packaging (and its dimensions) for DIY Laptop + Charger + 4 ports.

Love what you guys are all about and thanks in advance!

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My shipment was 6.2 lbs, with 8 expansion cards, memory and an SSD drive.


@Edward_Gray Thats impossible, the laptop weighs 1.5 kilograms and you got a package double that weight.

@Josh_Cook You right. He just made up a random number out of nowhere to fool us all.

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This week, in pointless accusations of lying


Just reporting the weight that FedEx reported for the package. I didn’t weigh it myself. No reason for me to make up a number.

Don’t forget the additional packaging for everything, The order also included the
power supply
Two usb-c
Two usb-a

The smaller computer box was packed in a much larger box containing the accessories.

@MichaelTrit was asking for an estimate for the actual shipping weight. I have no reason to doubt the number provided by FedEx for a package that was pretty close to your order.


One last little update.
Found the shipping box, and the label on the box says Actual Weight 7 lbs.
Not sure if they were just rounding up due to the rate tables they use.

@Edward_Gray That happens sometimes with these couriers.

Hey everyone, I was wrong after contacting support for other reasons it came up the question of package weight which they did say was about 2.7 kilograms maximum. @Frosty

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Sadly, the weight of the cardboard in the packaging is much higher than the product itself. This is often the case in consumer electronics.