Framework 13 ship times to Canada

Hey team,

First time poster here, recent fan.

A few weeks ago I recommended a family member order a Framework 13. Ordered on a Tuesday morning, FedEx picked it up in Taiwan on Wednesday. Excellent shipping experience.

Last Thursday, I ordered a Framework 13 - albeit with the i7, not i5 my family member got - and here we are Tuesday with the order still showing as confirmed, but not shipped.

What is everyone’s experience with shipping times these days? Is 1-2 days representative or is it closer to 1+ weeks?


Shipping times may be longer during this period as Framework is preparing to ship out the first batch of AMD Frameworks. During less busy times, I’ve noticed a 2-3 business day wait between them taking payment and the laptop being shipped out.

Thanks, was just curious on what the norm was for Framework.

I know the AMD platform shipments are also a factor…got a 16 pre-order myself.

So glad someone posted a shipping time frame to Canada. As these laptops are sent from Taiwan, it really makes me wonder how fast shipping can be as during Covid, things were crawling around.

@Chris_bytesector: Was the laptop send by UPS or Fedex? The speed of shipping is aided that brokerage / customs and duties are no longer required upon arrival as all taxes are pre-arranged for payment at check out. Another thing to consider is within Canada, there could be a 2 - 3 day lag if you live in a small rural place. All the major city hubs get speedier service as usually the first stop by the air liner.

Eagerly waiting as I have a Nov 5th deadline and really need the Framework 13 AMD (Batch 2) to arrive before that date. (only 4 weeks !!)

Well here’s my experience:

I accidentally ordered an Intel 13 model a couple weeks ago and had to ship it back but here’s the timeline.

  • Ordered Sept 17
  • Shipped Sept 20
  • Arrived Sept 22

I meant to order a Ryzen model but somehow I managed to totally screw that up.

My experience from 2021
Shipped: Dec 2
Received: Dec 9

@SBQ - my family members experience is in-line with Curtis and Kent’s times - ordered on a Tuesday, supposed to deliver on Friday, ended up being Monday…a week at most.

@cmstew - this is why I’m asking…because I’ve got no shipping yet and it was ordered Sept 28th…you’re experience just a couple weeks ago is infinitely faster.

Thanks to everyone who has responded.

Do you remember if your laptop shipped from Taiwan or the fulfillment center in New Jersey?

It was definitely Taiwan. I remember because I was so impressed that it shipped from there in essentially 2 days!

Also, I don’t think they ship brand new Framework laptops from anywhere other than Taiwan.