[Show] RGB LED Matrix Input Module

I’ll have to see how much they will be to purchase from Framework.

Excellent that they all sold out so quickly! Within two days, it looks like?

Yes! Even with all the Etsy hassle and the store being suspended. Opened up for sales on the 1st.

they still havent given any reasoning for it?

i wonder if you could partner with framework, theyre already making the original module, you could license it back to them for a small amount per set sold.

Both times, Etsy has said it was an erroneous automatic suspension.

Everyone loves ArrGeeBee!

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whats not to like?! : D you should see my blank RGB keyboard config! looks like unicornvomit! cant wait for these!

(an upgrade idea for the next version, maybe? touch input sliders on top of it? for brightness and volume. i guess it would be hard tho)

Hello everyone, I have added stock to my website! There are 50 more modules that are now available! Thank you so much Nirav for the additional materials!


If you would like to cancel your Etsy order and place an order on my website, please email me at jschroedl.blog@gmail.com or message me on Etsy.


I order a pair, and have been thinking about them non stop.

So you think there would be a way to cover the entirety of the keyboard space with these RGB matrix modules? I’d imagine you’d need about 8 or so of them to create like a low res second “screen” this way…

I guess without knowing how the LEDs can be programmed, I’m not sure if this would be feasible or not.

Still super excited for these!!

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That wouldn’t be possible because the input deck doesn’t have the same interface available in every single slot the entire width of the laptop, don’t quote me on this but it’s something like 3 usb on the left, 3 i2c in the middle (for touch pad) and two usb on the right. I’m not certain that’s exactly how it’s set up but if you look into the guides/resources for the fw16 the info exists somewhere in there

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No. The deck is set up for maximum of 2 spacers and one keyboard. Even if there were enough contacts, the touchpad wouldn’t go on if you did that

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You could do it if you remade the deck part. Should be “easy” to make a deck with a USB hub ic hidden somewhere and extra pogo pins. I mean, technically hard, but electronically, it’s simple. Now go buy a stamping machine, with custom tooling, and plastic molding machine to make special locking mechanism, because the touchpad will not fit anymore!

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Sent you an email. 50 euro is 50 euro…

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Just put in my order! Is there any information on firmware or documentation to that end? I know it uses a 2040, but is there anything specific or will it be mostly up to the user? Super excited to receive my modules.

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I am working on the firmware and software for controlling the module. The modules won’t ship until May so I still have time to work on the software and documentation.


No rush, just wanted to start reading if there was something to read :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone! Here is the first production update for the RGB LED Matrix modules.


You have to wait for them to get the leds? I would think you could just tell them “make these when you got parts” you know. Anyway, wie excited for these, wooo!

The pcb manufacturing is actually reasonably quick so it’s not really gonna help that much for them to start making the pcbs now if they won’t have the parts on hand for the pcb assembly

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What I meant is to give the order. So they know you need them. Like how you could tell a webshop to hold your order until everything is available, but you can still pay for all of it.