SN850 $115 or Hynix P31 $107

Which would you put into the gen 12 1240? And why? I have an 850 here but thinking of returning it for the P31. I don’t do any intensive tasks with this, just a general browsing/light programming/school laptop.

I got what seems like a good deal on the 850 but have read the P31 is better for stability as there are numerous issues with the 850 on here as well as power draw.

I don’t really know what I’m doing btw, pretty computer illiterate.

at those prices, the hynix, it supposedly has much better power consumption. sn850 seems bring problems in a lot of cases. I’ve also had bad experiences with WD ssds (silently corrupting data).

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I have several P31s in laptops (including in two Frameworks) and desktops - I’ve moved to them from Samsung EVO and have had zero complaints or issues.

With the size the battery is in the Framework Laptop, I’d go with the Hynix as well.

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I have the 2TB P31 in my i5-1240p and so far so good. Haven’t benchmarked it, etc, but have no reason to think online benchmarks are wrong. The power consumption numbers along with very solid performance + value were what pushed me to it.

I bought the P31, waiting for my Batch2 order. Considering your light use case, the P31 will be more than fast enough and has the potential for battery savings (haven’t seen numbers on this yet with Gen 12). If you have a desktop build, I’d keep the 850 and put it in a desktop, otherwise P31 will be great.

Edit, here’s a nice comparison. Doesn’t include the power efficiency but P31 has a higher TBW.

(Terabytes Written (TBW) is a measurement of the SSD’s endurance, and often refers to the manufacturer’s warranty. A higher TBW can be an indication of greater reliability over time.)

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Question - is it any easier to update the firmware on the P31 on a Linux PC than on the SN850 (which normally requires Windows)?

I don’t think there’s any official firmware updating for SK Hynix’s drives on Linux (there is some for things like OEM variants from Lenovo, etc., but I don’t think that applies to the retail drives).

I’ve seen reports that you can just use the nvme tool with the firmware downloads from the SK Hynix website to update the firmware on Linux but I haven’t tried it myself (to my understanding really the only P31 firmware update that’s out there was focused on resolving an incompatibility with Macs and I didn’t feel like risking any problem).

Whelp it doesn’t matter; received my $115 SN850 and it came as a paper plate. Bought thru 3rd party on Amazon so I guess I’m SOL.

Looks like newegg sells it as well so buying the P31 off there.

@inline_five you can’t return it? That sucks. I think the P31 is available on a few other stores too, try to buy direct where you can.

P31. Mine has been rock solid, efficient, and cool in my i5-11th.

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P31 is the way to go for laptops, save for gaming models, where I recommend the P41. But, I have loaded P31s into both Frameworks that I have worked on and compared to every WD or Samsung drive, I have noted lower SSD power usage for equivalent or better performance in PCIe 3 SSDs. If you want performance, the Platinum P41 rolled into the scene and squarely beat everyone senseless.

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@Nicolas_Angelini Did you see any battery gains with the P31?

They were small and largely in the idle category. P31 at idle uses half the power of many contemporaries, and under load, some 10%-20% less. Battery gains were offset by the 11th Gen battery issues and I hope to see them resolved on my coming 12th gen model.

I went with the P31 in my 12th gen just on lower power usage alone. Haven’t ran into any issues so far.

Anyone have thoughts on the P41 since the Framework is a Gen4 compatible board while the P31 is only Gen3?

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Any thoughts on SN770 vs P31? SN770 is $25 cheaper for me on Amazon right now.

@inline_five The SN770 doesn’t appear to have DRAM where the P31 does. I got the P31 on sale but if I needed the extra speed, I’d consider the SN770. I just hope the P31 translates to better battery life.

@seadub I don’t need performance so P31 is it. Thanks.

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