Samsung 980 Pro


I’ve already ordered the i7-1165G7 and intend to use my old Samsung 970 Evo Plus. However, for anyone interested and who has Amazon Prime, Amazon are offering the Samsung 980 Pro 2Tb for Prime Day at $329.99 - that’s $100 down on their last price.

I was hoping they might reduce the price of the WD Black SN850 2Tb, which appears to be a bit better than the Samsung, but they haven’t. If they had, I might have upgraded the drive.

I may still decide to upgrade my drive. What are opinions on the SN750 compared with the SN850 for a non-gamer?

Given that the Framework mainboard is able to drive the memory at full speed, my semi-educated guess would be that the faster SSD would make more of a difference than, say, upgrading from the i5 to the i7. Perhaps those more qualified than I could weigh in on this issue?

Some of the reviews I have read on the SN850 talk about it generating a lot of heat and WD also make a version with a heatsink. I presume that one offered by Framework doesn’t have a heatsink (based on price alone) and I guess that a laptop doesn’t provide enough space for a heatsink. I assume it must have been tested by Framework but I would be concerned that it may run very hot.

The SN850 can peak at a higher wattage than the SN750, but under the same workload (e.g. transferring 10GB), the total power used by the SN850 should be lower since it can complete the task faster and go back to idle.

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