So I live in the UK

…and I love my Framework laptop.

When or how will I be able to purchase other parts for it? Or do I just order from the US site and get them that way? Currently the UK version of the site only lets me buy a laptop.


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Yeap! Cornwall here.

There is a new ‘Market’ opening in Germany, there is info elsewhere on this site about it. :slight_smile:

I just returned a ‘German’ keyboard sent with my order by mistake. It went to the German workshop.

The new one came from Taiwan, so whatever you order, in the near future, it likely still to come from far away.

There was a blog post a few weeks ago that stated “We’re bringing the Framework Marketplace to the UK and Europe soon.”

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Marvellous! Look forward to it.

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Really need it as soon as possible. Through my own stupidity, less than 2 weeks after receiving my laptop I have already suffered a mishap that has resulted in the screen being damaged to the point of requiring a replacement.

On the one hand I should have been more careful, but on the other it kind of defeats the point of an ultra repairable laptop, if I cannot repair it because replacement parts are not available.

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Not available or there is a delay that you are not happy with ?

Not available in the UK because the parts store has not been launched in this region yet.

And they won’t send one from Taiwan? I just received a replacment Input Panel, the other was returned to Germany ~ the EU repair centre and presumably~to~be Market ??

The marketplace hasn’t launched in the UK yet, so you can’t simply buy yourself one. But you could try raising a support ticket - I’m sure they will do what they can to help you, after all repairability is a selling point. No harm in trying.

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One step ahead of you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve already done that, they got back to me very quickly and have already sorted something out.

Worst case scenario I have tracked down some third party possibilities, but would rather go with an official part to start with if I can.


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