Broken socket--be careful with the touchpad cable!

I finally got around to doing the touchpad cable fix–unfortunately when removing the touchpad cable, a piece of the socket broke off:

The connection still works but alignment is now much harder, and it requires much less force to remove. Had a few brief heart attacks when it wouldn’t power on, but realized that it’s just now much easier to plug it in misaligned.

Granted, I’m probably on the higher end for connect/disconnect cycles on this socket from debugging the touchpad squeaking issue. However, given this is one of the few high-wear components of which failure means a mobo replacement, I’m going to be much more hesitant to perform maintenance on this, to avoid breaking the other end.


Good to know, maybe later revisions can have a reinforced socket. My guess is the connector may have fatigued out.

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Update on this. I’ve had no issues with this broken socket until I recently took the laptop with me on a trip–I’m guessing the jostling displaced the connector and I was unable to power it on. Didn’t have a T5 screwdriver on hand so had no laptop access for my trip :stuck_out_tongue:

Returned home and opened it up–the fingerprint scanner, keyboard, and trackpad would work intermittently while I wiggled the connector.

Bad news is that it looks like a mainboard replacement is coming my way. Good news is that communication from support has been very prompt and I look forward to seeing the differences between a Batch 1 vs. Batch ??? mobo lol

Another update. Mobo arrived today, absolutely wonderful experience with support. Timeline:

  • Sunday night - sent form via Framework | Support
  • Received a response within the hour (!)
  • One e-mail exchange for troubleshooting, again response within the hour
  • Tuesday - received notification of new motherboard shipping
  • Friday - delivered (would have arrived Thursday but Just Fedex Things™)

Cursory inspection reveals it has the Tempo audio codec. Little worried about that given the reported issues. Will report any findings here.

Huge kudos to support, top-notch communication.