[SOLVED] Fedora 37 - Flatpak Keyboard Issues After Switching to Wayland

Hi all,

Fedora 37, kernel 6.2 (behavior also happens on zen-6.4), 11th gen.

I typically use GNOME on Xorg due to my eGPU. However, I thought I’d check on the state of Wayland, so I nuked my graphics drivers and made the swap. Decided it wasn’t for me and reverted back, but now I’m experiencing an issue: in flatpak apps, I’m unable to use any keys but the letter and number keys. Shift, Esc, F-keys, arrow keys etc. do not work.

Behavior is identical to this issue which is resolved: Keyboard input is broken (#4443) · Issues · GNOME / gtk · GitLab

The solution in that thread did not help (pkill -9 ibus).

I’m unsure how to proceed. Reinstalling the flatpaks does not fix the problem. I’m assuming that there’s some Wayland component remainder in my system that flatpak is hooking into?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

UPDATE: fix was to reinstall fuse and fuse3 to get the correct permissions on their executables and to wholly delete and reinstall the offending flatpaks by uninstalling and doing rm -rf ~/.var/app/<flatpak id>.

Honestly at this point, I’d wipe the install and get current with Fedora 38 - while Fedora 37 is still supported, this is likely going to be the best option unless you have a btrfs restore point to roll back from to see if you can get it to a working state.

There have been a lot of fixes (a lot) in F38 and it is absolutely a stellar release.

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Turns out flatpaks just get weird if you swap to Wayland and back. Deleting their .var folders and fixing permissions on fuse executables (setuid bit was missing??) so that I could reinstall them worked perfectly.

Interesting. I can’t say I’ve switch back and forth from Wayland in a meaningful way (as I just use Wayland), but this is good insight!