[SOLVED] Matte screen please! :)

A portable device will be used in numerous settings where the user can not control the ambient lighting, like in café’s, meeting rooms, outdoors etc. A proper matte screen would be much much better to avoid that annoying glare which makes it harder to work, and in my opinion also gives a picture that is much nicer to the eyes.

It still today boggles my mind how seemingly every manufacturer could jump onto this craze.

Cheers to the Framework development team, really nice to see someone finally coming up with a solid approach to consumer electronics sustainability!


This 1000%. Touchscreen would be “nice” but I would prefer a matte finish overall to prevent glare.

Ideal would be something similar to my current laptop, the chromebook pixelbook and support a pen too!


I hope both are available. Matte is best for work and outside operation, but generally gloss provides a sharper picture for content consumption.


Matte is non negotiable in my opinion. We already have tons of options for laptops dedicated to video binging with glossy screens and 16/9 ratios. I just can’t work on a laptop with a glossy screen, the lights which reflect on the screen give me a headache after several hours. I will never buy a laptop if the screen is not matte.

Or maybe create 1 laptop for people who want a basic laptop to watch Netflix and read their emails, and 1 more expensive laptop for people who want to actually work on it.


I like matte screens better, but sometimes a touch screen is also nice, I think both should be an option so you can pick whatever you want.

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Actually having a matte layer on top of it doesn’t change the touching feature, and it even makes it better because there are no fingerprints on the screen anymore. I know it because I have a laptop which came with a glossy screen and I was able to add a matte layer on it. It wasn’t easy but it’s way better like this, both for the touch part and the anti-glare part.


1000 times this. The only reason I didn’t grab an Acer Swift 3 13.5" 3:2 (2256 x 1504) when it was discounted is the glossy screen. I’d prefer AMD over Intel, but the glossy screen was a deal breaker for me.

There are plenty of options available for media consumption and gaming devices, I need a device for work.


I agree with all the comments about a matt screen. I read a large ammount from the screen and find that glossy screens are more work to look at for any length of time.



Also saves battery life in that you won’t have to max your brightness to see your screen


Yes, matte screen would be killer!


Matte Screen will knock out any competitor, there aren’t real matte options anymore. If it is a modular screen, why not? would be awesome, it will help with real work not just using a laptop just for Netflix.

On the other hand, we love stylus and touch possiblilities such as drawing or signing documents… but does it worth it?

My most profound concern about it… sRGB 100% (for Adobe/Affinity/Gnu artist…) in a Matte Screen?


a matte screen is a must!
I consider a glare only as a show-stopper.


I have a Lenovo Laptop Workstation with a 4K Matte screen and it’s awesome. That is what I would like to have available for your laptop.


Yes, Matte screen please!


Also agree! Matte Screens are way better to work with!!


Matte or glossy, I would love to have an option for greater colour gamut. I read that they will be offering 100%sRGB, that’s good enough for content consumption but not for content creation. An option for 100% Adobe RGB or 100% DCI-P3 would be great for content creators. That said, Resolution is not a problem for me, I’m not very attracted towards 4K and all, 1080 will work completely fine. (I do photography)


For those who can’t live without a matte screen, given that Framework has probably already ordered thousands of glossy screens (assuming that, since the team didn’t answer here), would you consider using a matte screen protector for a while? (Presumably matte option will evantually appear in the Framework Marketplace). Seems like a lower-tech solution compared with buying a disposable laptop from whatever major vendor has matte available these days.


I have been using a matte screen protector on my Garmin GPS for years. Could not understand why Garmin went glossy.

Visibility in that application is certainly acceptable.

Here’s an official response from the team on another post:


This is actually what I ended up doing on my ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3, which is the laptop~tablet that I use when I’m at a client. I wanted a 3:2 screen so bad (and a TrackPoint and a very good keyboard) that I decided that adding a matte screen protector could be a workaround. Putting it properly was tricky but I was successful in doing this and I can’t complain today.

So yes, this is the way I would go with the Framework laptop because it has a lot of great things, especially a 3:2 screen ratio. I would love to be able to get a 7-row keyboard, probably as much as having a TrackPoint. Honestly, a good-quality-keys-7-row keyboard + TrackPoint + 3:2 HiDPI screen = me paying $4,000, even if I have to add a matte screen protector. EDIT : assuming that a matte screen protector will exist. I will make sure that it does exist and it’s of good quality before buying the Framework laptop.