[SOLVED] Matte screen please! :)

Or send it off for artisanal re-tooling…

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I doubt it’s resistance per se. More like cost. It’s a non-standard panel size and resolution/aspect ratio. Just looking at photos of the Surface 5 laptop from Microsoft, it too has a glossy display. More than likely the cost to make it matte is prohibitively expensive for Framework, especially since there is a DIY option that largely resolves this. Considering this is marketed as a DIY laptop, I can understand why Framework made the decision they did.

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If this was a $300 laptop that would hold water. But this is not a cheap laptop. Plus no one was holding Framework’s feet to the fire to pick such an odd resolution when they developed it.

Hindsight it was probably a bad decision on Framework’s part.

@Jason_Dagless and @Abe_Linkn I don’t think you guys give Framework enough credit here. Neither you nor I know the exact costs that come from the display choice they made. Your latest comments to me are a little harsh on Framework, it’s not like they intentionally knee-capped anyone. This isn’t Apple removing the headphone jack on the iPhone because “courage”.


All we want is a optional matte screen option. You know, like most laptops, cheap or expensive.

Nothing controversial. It’s not like this laptop has only been on the market for two months.

Went through the hassel of indtalling a brotect matte screen protector.
The thing I d wish is to have it at least less mirror like. Its even more than mac. It s not usable by my standards.


No, it was a design decision, one that was made early in development most likely and would have cost significant amounts of money to change after the fact. I never used a 3:2 display before in my life. Having used one now, I get why people prefer them to 16:9 or 16:10.

This is a DIY laptop, with a relatively inexpensive DIY solution. Surely you understood what this product is when you bought it? (assuming you did)

I wanted a privacy screen, something like Sureview from HP/3M would’ve been a great value add! But I understand the costs of licensure are probably greater than the benefits derived from that decision. Same applies to the matte screen. This is business, you can’t please everybody with every design decision. This decision that you and I have to live with at least has a solution.


Your idea of inexpensive is different to mine. This setup cost me well over £1000 for a laptop. That to me is not inexpensive. I can live with the glossy screen but would be nice to have a matte. I would have gone with matte had I had the choice last December.

Again, all we want is a matte screen option. It’s not your job to defend Framework for currently not offering one or stating if they will or won’t in the near future. Let framework sort it out.

It is not an outrageous or unrealistic request. Especially compared what some of the dreamers here ask for. :rofl:


Not inexpensive to me either. I paid just as much. The inexpensive part is the cost of the screen protector, which amounts to less than 5% of the cost of the laptop. And some time to apply the screen protector.

Why does it bother you if I do? And I haven’t said if they will or won’t in the future, I have no inkling as to that. All I’ve done is guess at why it wasn’t offered in the first place.

No more or less than people clamoring for an AMD or ARM or RISC or dGPU option. Retooling is expensive regardless of what the change is. And the expenses go beyond the cost of the part itself at this point. It is what it is really. Framework will do what they want, nothing you or I say here will change that fact.


I don’t see what the issue would be to go to their current screen supplier and say…“Do you have or can you offer us a matte option?” No physical retooling required.

Considering most replacement screens I buy for like £30 are matte, I guess the cost would be $1-2 extra, if that. Probably cheaper if 90% of screens made there are matte.Glossy is probably a custom run nowadays.

This is not impossible. For a company that pushes its “out of the box” way of working…

All they have to do at this point is say “we are looking into it!” Fine.

We shall see what happens over the next few months.

Thank you almost every one for same advice over and over I haven’t asked for.
This my message to Framework if you read this.
You are trying to build something great, something extraordinary and future proof. I would like to support you by buying your product. But I just can’t, after using glossy screen I just can’t get another one. So if you ever provide matte option with FACTORY BUILD MATTE SCREEN, I am getting mine next day!

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@GhostLegion It is true we don’t have the inside scoop. It would help if Framework were more open about what brand-new displays they are seeing as available and what the minimum orders are.

The problem is, a glossy screen is a deal breaker for many people. When they see it, they will not place an order no matter how strongly they agree with Framework’s ethos. If Framework wants to grow and reach minimum order requirements for more displays, they will need the matte option.

It seems that people buy new computers every 3-4 years nowadays, not every 6 months to 1 year like back when CPUs were running at 400MHz, so every order lost due to the glossy screen will decrease the rate of the company’s growth a lot.

It would behoove Framework to at least offer a non-adhesive matte privacy filter with the laptop to mitigate concerns about the glossy screen. It seems 3M makes one called the Comply product. Or just send batches of screens to Photodon/whomever to apply matte protectors.


That might be the best solution. I doubt Framework can/will change the manufacturing line for this change but selling a replacement panel on the marketplace would offer a non-DIY solution. Or even better as you mentioned, integrating it into the checkout process with a delay/upcharge for Framework to send your laptop off to Photodon. I can see a few issues already but nothing that isn’t insurmountable.


Well the ‘we’ is a small number of people voicing their ‘needs’ to a public forum. I’m not one of them but I definelty would have considered a matte screen.

As for defending. If one person provokes a certain argument, unless those that have a different opinion are kept form voicing then you will fine people who disagree with you, as I do.

It’s not about a screen but about your view that Framework should do what you ask or want.

That people don’t agree with you doesn’t mean those people are defending Framework just voicing in response to your voice.

Is there any reason this panel would not work https://panelook.com/NE135GXM-N61_BOE_13.5_LCM_overview_56467.html looks like it just came out in March so supply is tighter but…it is available on Ebay. The specs seem to match very closely, except antiglare with a 3h coating.


You could directly ask Framework support rather than relying on the forum, it may give a quicker and more clear idea of what is possible.

Support request has been submitted.

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Please stop getting angry at other users when you came on a user forum to yell at the company. It has been made clear here several times that while Framework employees do comment on posts here, they are not required to, and it is primarily for users to talk to each other. Framework support is the place to go if you want a direct response from the company.


It looks like a match, but I think they’ll say it’s all about the minimum order.
It seems to indicate 2000 as the transaction size. @nrp is that the main issue?
If so, I bet that number of orders could be accumulated eventually.

I am guessing that adding this to the production line would be a not insignificant cost, likewise stocking it is another burden a start up can probably not afford if is a item of questionable necessity. In my instance my delay in purchasing was based on several things. I have been a Thinkpad user for a long time. They are almost universally matte screen, good keyboard, excellent build quality, and of course the trackpoint. I can live without the trackpoint, but the other items are a must. The weak lid for the gen1 Framework was a dealbreaker, comined with not real workaround for the screen. Well the lid got fixed, the hinges beefed up, and now I was faced with the screen. My dislike of glossy screens almost made this a deal breaker again, but I was willing to deal with a screen protector. Then I noticed this panel, and it is available on ebay from a couple of sellers. That was a pleasant surprise, and I have my fingers crossed that it will work. Also the unlocked EC was a powerful incentive, since most vendors have that bricked off so you have to live with their presets or run specialized tools that don’t work with secure boot just to get your machine to not throttle. So while I think this laptop is a great deal that mirror, I mean screen is just hard to simply ingnore when making the choice to buy in.