[solved]Newbie question, can't find package to uninstall

Hey there, I am new to linux (or really, haven’t used it in about 15 years). This may not be the place for this, delete it if you must.

Installed ubuntu on my new framework. been a couple of days since I got it. Typing this on my new framework now!

I tried a digital audio workstation called REAPER, but now I want to uninstall. Ubuntu doesn’t list it in it’s “Ubuntu Software” program. Also tried uninstalling using terminal but I can’t seem to locate the package. I tried 2 “list” commands and “reaper” is nowhere to be found on the lists of all packages. However, it still shows up when I press “superkey+a” to view programs. It still runs too.

I told you I am new to linux. haha… but anyhow, does anyone know how I can uninstall this program, or have any ideas?


If you downloaded and installed it directly from the site, then it won’t be handled by your package manager. I assume you ran the install-reaper.sh script? I did a quick grep through it and it looks like you just run that script again with uninstall as the argument and it’ll remove it.


I did install it using the reaper.sh script. I will try your suggestion! Thanks! :smiley:

Ok, so I tried many variations of that, running the original reaper.sh script. (which is actually called “install-reaper.sh” but I could not figure it out. So I just ran the original install script. I noticed this within the text displayed:

“This install script can put the REAPER program into /opt
or ~/opt,”

So I looked in the /opt directory. There is a reaper directory in there! And within this reaper directory there is a script named “uninstall-reaper.sh”. Ran this and it uninstalled!

Thanks for the tip, it got me thinking and exploring and ultimately you helped solved my issue.

pretty simple I imagine but like I said I am learning linux and could not figure this out so your suggestion was a great help. Thanks!