I think that it would fit Framework’s spirit if the future boards were certified RoHS, so among other things using a lead-free solder, etc.

The current ones aren’t?!

Then again leaded solder would probably increase durability XD

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There is not so much difference in durability, and lead-free soldering is mature now.

Yeah no I didn’t see any “RoHS” mark on the mainboard, so they aren’t.
It’s a shame because it makes e-waste toxic.
OK I know the ideal would be to never get rid of a mainboard, but realistically many mainboards just fail and need to be replaced, and in some cases (e.g. the CPU is dead) cannot be repaired. So it’s heading to the landfill and then all this lead slowly goes into your tap water… (or the board could be incinerated and the lead sent into the air).

Not like they are using leaded solder just cause there is no rohs mark, might just be like the thrunderbolt thing where they just didn’t get the cert.

Didn’t know you even could still comerically import non rohs consumer stuff to europe.

You should put your ewaste into ewaste and landfills aren’t a thing in a lot of countries. Well it might still land in a landfill somewhere else depending on how corrupt the local ewaste “recycling” is but still.

Well, the RoHS laws in Europe were precisely crafted because of the problem of toxic e-waste in landfills, leaking heavy metals and chemicals everywhere.
So if admittedly the landfill is not its designated final place (but I’m not so sure, I am pretty sure e-waste ends in landfills), some non-neglectable amount of e-waste still ends up there, either by mistake or anything.

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I just checked and, looks like that, planet-wide, only around 20% of e-waste is recycled, and the other 80% end up either in incinerators or in landfills. Thus the importance of RoHS compliance.

Tbh…I’m American and even I just assumed they were. I know it’s a European thing but most things over here are marked RoHS compliant. @Mapleleaf Are you certain RoHS isn’t a requirement to sell things in Europe?

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Now I’ve just read the leaflet that comes with the mainboard, and it says it is RoHS.
So, even though it is not written on the board itself, it says it is compliant.
Now if that’s right I’m feeling bad for all this noise… sorry…

According to Wikipedia, from RoHS 2,

the only permitted indication of RoHS compliance is the CE mark

So you’re right, the CE mark is written on the mainboard, and so it is RoHS.
I’ll change the title and mark it solved.