[WANTED] 11th/12th mainboard in EU

Not sure if it’s in the right category, if not, feel free to move topic!
I’m looking for a used 11th or a 12th Generation mainboard for a relatively good price in Europe. I’m looking to use it as a standalone device in the 3D printed case.
I did not have much chance on Reddit or eBay in Europe, so I’m coming here! Thanks!!

PS: It would be amazing to have an official used marketplace!

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

That is not a ‘great’ idea. Can you imagine Framework being responsible for second hand sales between people ??

There could be a category for person to person but even that requires moderating by ‘users’ etc.

Note I’ve changed the first word as I think it is clearer.

Thank you for the welcome and the edit!

That’s not what I had in mind. More like a buyback program of used mainboard from Framework and reselling them as refurbished. But I very well understand that the costs of the logistics associated would outweigh the pros!

Anyway, thank you!!

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Have you checked the “r/frameworkmarket” on Reddit?

Framework was originally planning for the “Marketplace” on their website to include used parts as well, but they haven’t yet been able to implement this. It’s possible that they ran into legal issues stopping them, but as far as I know that is still a future goal.