[SOLVED] Suspend power consumption is way too high after a recent Fedora update

Framework Laptop 13 AMD 7840U 32GB RAM, Fedora 39.

After a recent update the power consumption went from 0.6W to 2.3W, the problem could be kernel(6.8.11), systemd(254.14) or power-profiles-daemon(0.21). When I attempted to rollback it threw a bunch of “Cannot find rpm nevra”. What should I do?

Found the culprit, it was power-profiles-daemon-0.21-3.fc39. However Fedora physically removed the power-profiles-daemon-.20-1.fc39, which is a highly questionable move. Thus, I have to go all the way back to power-profiles-daemon-0.13-2.fc39 to make the suspend consume <1W

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