[SOLVED] Troubleshooting bare board w/ memory - only provides post codes

trying to get middle tier 11th gen board into bios w/ just memory and Framework cord so I can USB boot latest (as of this post) linux mint cinnamon. R/G codes went as expected. Only reds were battery, keyboard and audio board.

BIOS: 3.07 or 3.10
B/G code:10101000 1=B 0=G

Why can’t I find a B/G code list? Seriously?

Going to the original page, converting my binary code into hex, and searching for “A8” gave me “OS call ACPI disable function”. I’m not exactly sure what that means.

If the codes you listed are from first blink to last left to right, I decode it as decimal 21 or 0x15, PCI enumeration complete.

Either way, none of this tells me what I should do to make my board something that’s not an expensive paperweight. I don’t know what any of this means. I do appreciate you trying to help, though.

Contact support. They can help you troubleshoot issues like this much better than the community normally can.


I figured it out. When I got it to work, I was using HDMI instead of DP->adapter cable->HDMI. Even though it was still blinking error codes, it was still sending an image and booting into the Linux startup thing (before actually booting). The second time it booted, there were no errors.