[SOLVED] Unable to get Internal WiFi-Apter to work

What Operating System and Distribution I’m running on…

  • Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS (Linux).

What is the problem…

  • My Internal Wifi-Apter won’t work any more.

What caused the issue…

  • I removed the chip and installed a different one and now both won’t work after Installing both.

How long have I had this Issue…

  • No longer then a day.

What did I try to fix the Issue…

  • I Tried re-plugging the cables.
  • I switch the new chip for the old one.

Hi @Andrew_Pflanzer,

just to check if it’s not only happening in Pop!_OS, can you also try Ubuntu live USB?


what are the outputs of modinfo iwlwifi and dmesg | grep iwlwifi? the first will check if the wifi driver is loaded, and the second will let you know if it’s experiencing any errors.

To @Be_Far and @Loell_Framework
I’ve got it to work now, thank you for the help anyways.
It just started working for some reason.

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