[SOLVED] US Customs Delay

I rushed to order my Framework so it would be shipped before the Lunar New Year closed the Taiwan factory for a week. The package was quickly shipped and arrived in Anchorage, where it has been sitting for five days at US Customs. FedEx could provide no other information or assistance. Is this normal? How long did you all have to wait to receive your Framework?


Five days may seem a while but it may arrive tomorrow :slight_smile:

I’m just curious how long I should expect based on the experience of US customers. Comments on other threads and in videos suggested that the delay was in getting the item shipped. Mine shipped from the factory quickly, but the issue is customs and FedEx would not offer an estimate of how long it usually takes to clear.

Unless you call customs directly and ask them how big their backlog is, nobody knows.

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I ordered mine during the pre-order process, but once it shipped it took about a week, including a ~2 day customs delay. I’ve seen longer delays too, but like Anachron said, it really just depends on the backlogs in customs, which is out of both Framework and FedEx’s control.

I don’t know anything for certain, but I suspect that theres a big backlog right now because companies in Asia may have shipped out higher quantities of orders ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday in preparation for shutdowns.

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@djack I am in the same place as you, mine is waiting for customs as well and I really need it for my classes. Nothing I can do but wait and hope I get it soon.


Mine said it was still in customs in Alaska…then I got it the next day. I ordered my laptop 2 weeks ago so it might be the same for you.


@GhostLegion that’s funny cause I just checked it and it is saying I should get it by tomorrow

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Same! Hurrah. Thanks everyone for information sharing and commiserating. I’m really excited to get this and contribute to the community.

I must have gotten lucky; my Framework arrived in Anchorage on January 13th and left on the 14th, the next day, and was delivered on the 16th.


Mine must have changed because now it says “pending” after saying it should be delivered today, so who knows “¯\(ツ)/¯”

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That is generally expected behaviour for tracking. As a guess, I believe FW are shipping a pallet each week to US and EU.

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Hello everyone. FedEx IPD uses a consolidated shipping method, meaning that enough orders have to queue in order to be exported/shipped bulk to reduce shipping costs and one-off international express shipments. Given volumes, this typically is not an issue as any delay is minimal, however, Customs loads can impact overall delivery time (which is outside of our control). Anyone that experienced a slight delay should have already seen movement in their packages. If you haven’t please contact Framework Support so that we can investigate. Thanks.