[SOLVED] VAT ID in Europe


I am considering preodering the new AMD laptops in hopes of ECC support.

Shipping to Austria is free. Hurray!

I am VAT excempt. Meaning I don’t pay sales tax for business related expenses such as a laptop. I do have a VAT ID. It would really be odd to donate 20% tax to the government if I don’t have to.

Do you have a VAT ID field in the order form? So you know that you don’t have to charge me sales tax?

I think this still applies.

For business sales, I guess you can use the contact form and then select “Business/Volume Orders”.

Good luck!


Thanks for the link, that answers my question exactly!

However AFAIK contacting my local tax authority to claim VAT back post-purchase incurs higher fees than the tax is worth.

So I will not preoder the laptop(s) and make a gamble that Framework improves their invoicing until when the laptop actually ships.

Thanks again!

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Framework charges VAT regardless of exemption status and business customers will need to file with their tax authorities to claim VAT back. Upon successful purchase and shipment, please contact Framework Support and they will provide a VAT invoice for your tax purposes.