ECC support?

I’ve looked around to see if anyone has called this out, but I didn’t see any mention of ECC support on the Ryzen motherboards. Can this be confirmed or denied?

This would seem especially relevant when upcycling.


We know nothing about the CPUs in the Framework Laptop 16, let alone the memory specifications.

This information will be released in a few months, please keep monitoring.

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Our posts here in support of ECC memory have the purpose of influencing the decision before the design is finalized.

We would hate if Framework saves a few pennies of copper on the board to leave out the ECC traces from the DIMM to the CPU. Or in general if ECC wasn’t considered during design.

For me personally ECC support would turn AMD Framework laptops from an interresting option into a must-buy.

If this is not the right place to give feedback on future Framework laptop specs then please redirect us to the right place!


It’s fine to discuss this, it’s just that nothing’s been announced yet.


That’s the whole point, to give feedback before it’s annouced!

My only alternative for ECC laptops are old, barely accepatble performance, insanely overpriced Xeon laptops.

I want the Framework team to know that I would wrestle an AMD laptop with ECC capability out of their hands. Do they read the forum?




More information on our Framework Laptop 13 (Ryzen 7040 series) and Ryzen 7040 series mainboards will be released at a later date. The $100 deposit is fully refundable should the released specs not meet expectations. This is all under embargo.


I’d agree that ECC support would be neat to have if like you mentioned, it was just about physically supporting it with the traces. And while it would make sense for the Dragon Range memory controllers to support ECC (and who knows, maybe it’d work?), the official spec sheet from AMD says it’s doesn’t:

This is in contrast to desktop Ryzen where it is w/ mobo support:

Historically, Ryzen APUs (so like the 7040 Phoenix) have had “PRO” versions w/ ECC support. I guess we’ll just have to see.

I’m surprised you’d say that - Kieren, ctl, and nrp were all “seen” an hour ago according to Discourse. Here are the Framework team members on the forum: Framework team - Framework Community

Obviously the product team reads (and even directly solicits feedback here on the forums and other places like HN/Reddit so I think it’s pretty uncharitable/oddly antagonistic to respond so snarkily to a community member this way and I’d be pretty sad if the new comms policy is to just to tell people to shut up, take their money and go home.

(I realize I’m combining 3 different responses, but added together, IMO it’s not a good look).





Yeah, I got that part, but the immediate followup of “The $100 deposit is fully refundable should the released specs not meet expectations.” makes it sound like sure we read this (and PR voice we don’t care).


There was no snark as it was a light-hearted joke to clearly acknowledge that we are all reading the forum, including myself, a member of the Framework Team.

It has absolutely nothing to do with “we don’t care” and everything to do with, “we’re under information embargo and are not authorized to provide more information at this time”. I mentioned the embargo in my previous post.


@TheTwistgibber I think the snark comes from the gif and less the original response

Not taking sides, just commenting on what I see.

EDIT: Well nevermind then, please go back to your regularly scheduled programming

The snark comment was posted before the gif, my friend.


I’m not offended btw, I spend a lot of time here, and I don’t want to run this too far off track, it just felt weird to me to see the “first time poster, let’s welcome them to our community!” banner and then get like a bunch of posts that came off to me like “not taking any suggestions, just don’t buy it if you don’t like it.”

I haven’t had my coffee this morning yet, so if that’s not how it was intended, that’s cool.

Back on the ECC side, I will say, all the embargo talk did get me to do one more lookup since I was like are Phoenix details really not public, and in fact they are. Here’s the full specs for the 7840HS:

And here’s the interesting part, while 7945HX is listed as not having ECC support, in this case, the 7840 (non-PRO) is listed as having support for the
DDR5 (FP7r2) version.

ECC Support: Yes (FP7r2 only; Requires platform support)

So I guess we’ll see if there is platform support when the boards/products come out.


Well, this thread took a dark turn. Bottom line, we can’t share more information at this time per instructions from AMD, and yes, it was not ideal to launch preorders without being able to share specs, but here we are. Things unfortunately pivoted at the last minute.

The $100/100 Euro/100 Pound deposit is absolutely refundable, as per my previous comments, and I was simply making a point that people were not locked into a purchase if the specs/information don’t meet expectations.

I’ll fade into the background now. I wasn’t here.



If I contributed to that, I’ll edit and apologize. I did not want to come across as unwelcoming or dismissive, but I was trying to manage expectations - everyone’s free to ask these questions and debate and speculate all you like, but there will not be any definitive answers right now. And it’s not to be mean or anything, it’s just a fact.

The question is: will the 16" have ECC support? The most accurate answer is: we don’t know. We don’t even know what CPUs the 16 will have - it’s quite far away.

I am definitely not an ECC naysayer, my old Supermicro FreeNAS/TrueNAS build can attest to that. It’d be great to replace it with a Framework mainboard with ECC for extra security with its copy-on-write ZFS filesystem. Will it happen? No one knows right now.


@TheTwistgibber I couldn’t find an appropriate gif of the following scene

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Many of you may be unaware but @TheTwistgibber is actually Framework’s resident GIF Master.