Some Things to Consider for updates/upgrades in the future for RAM/Charging/Screen/etc

Just got a framework 13 Ryzen 7 for my nephew. Got him 32gb 6400 RAM and a 2tb 990 pro which I found on clearance. I know and understand that the memory doesn’t work with XMP and that’s fine. But I was wondering if a future BIOS update will allow manual memory tuning and maybe even overclocking/XMP support? At least let us run it at 5600 manually and have the extra headroom for a future board so we can use the full speed later. Falling back to 4800 seems like a shame with no option to at least use it at 5600. It also has lower timing than the 5600 kit so even if I can’t use the full 6400, just having it be at 5600 with the lower timings would be nice. I know I should’ve looked into the RAM speed thing, but I was hoping the BIOS would at least allow manual memory tuning up to the max speed of 5600MT/s. It hasn’t been a full year yet so I’m hopeful the team is still gonna update this in the near future and I can’t wait for if/when it does. We should be allowed to choose speed/timings at our risk. let the default be 4800 and give people a warning about stability/performance issues if they choose to up the speed through manual/profile loading.

I also hope they have a few more screen options. Not too many but I def wouldn’t mind Kickstarters for 90Hz and 120Hz with VRR and touch as an option in the future. I don’t know how many people would want beyond that at this screen size, but that could be a limited option. maybe add a couple more colors for Keyboard and bezel? maybe even the chassis.

I did see a topic someone had where you could remove the speakers to add a bigger battery and that could be an interesting option for people since the battery life on these laptops are average compared to other machines that are this size and price, not excellent. They should def something about the sleep drain issue. I wanna have the option to go back to the old sleep options. I don’t care about apps running/updating in the background and I don’t wanna have devices connect/be connected while in sleep. That should always be an option, not mandatory. it’s also partially modern windows sleep being a thing and I hate that. I hope framework can figure something out about it. Sleep should be proper sleep, not drain 15+% overnight.

EDIT: along with USB-C charging, there should also be a magnetic charging connector along with a wire that can support up to 240W (for future proofing and manufacturing simplicity) kind of like magsafe. wouldn’t matter too much if it’s “framework” proprietary since it’s optional and can still be charged with USB-C.

I also hope there’s an agesa update that allows support for Intel BE200 and other WiFi 7 cards to work properly. but that’s more of an agesa thing and not necesarily framework. I’m sure there’s more I can add but those will but EDIT 2 and so on.

That was just a want, an idea. There is no bigger battery
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Thanks for the welcome. and that’s why I said “could be an interesting option”. not sure if I can edit but I was thinking an optional magnetic connector with support for up to 240w on the cable end (for futureproofing) like magsafe could also be great too! I’d buy that with a 10ft cord or something.

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Search the forum, there are lots of posts around
a) A magnetic connector and
b) 240W supply

However the 13" will not need a 240W supply but if you search you will find references to such under the 16"

There are lots of topic on upgraded for the future.

Please search and comment there as you have created a general topic which repeats previous wants and by doing so make it difficult to focus on such.

I.e. batteries, magnetic adapters, 240W etc. all have multiple topics and posts

I did address some concerns in my main post edit. having a single SKU that supports up to 240W will simplify manufacturing and bring the average cost of the 240W down so framework 16 people wouldn’t have to suffer double/triple cost :joy:

EDIT: since I don’t use forums much in general, I keep on replying as if I’m chatting. I’ll try to be more concise and search better.

I wouldn’t want a 240W when I only use 60W is common enough not to have to buy the default.

Going in circles a bit more, screens ~ search, OLED, touchscreen, size, brightness etc. All been discussed.