Speaker sound is low quality

My speakers sound is very poor quality. It sounds very muffled and you have trouble understanding the spoken word of movies for example. What can i do to improve it?

  • Which OS (Operating System)?
    Windows 11

  • Which Framework laptop are you asking for support with?
    Framework 13 bpught in November 23

  • If there is no information pertaining to your issue or question, please let us know here: Framework | Support Framework | Support

The speaker while not the loudest in the industry are very loud. Not being able to hear or having distorted sound are signs of something else.

You received your 13 in November of last year, was the speaker always this weak? Or is this something that just started happening?

I would check that the speakers are plugged into the mainboard properly first. If they are, then I would probably open a support ticket.

Maybe update to the newest drivers they released as a beta version.

My speakers on win 11 are so loud I can’t have them go past 50%, just keep it at 30% normally and at 100 its like I’m at the movies… And I can’t even hear that well.

On linux fedora, I have to keep them at 80% normally.

I got mine last month.

Loudness wasn’t one of your concerns and anyway that’s down to the person, age, position etc.

Muffled could be a frequency issue, again down to the person.

Low quality is a very specific statement and yet you don’t compare it to anything that the average person would recognise, and there is a topic about modifying the output.
a) I suggest you read the topic mentioned below
b) You could do a proper test on the output, though no doubt you don’t want to have it tested i.e. A real time monitor of the frequencies.

If you did the b) above and found issues then you may find you have a faulty set up, cables, hardware, software etc. and could contact Framework with an official support ticket.

So first off, after checking the hardware is connected properly, with he laptop on a hard surface try the equaliser mentioned in the topic below to tune the output to better your liking.

I use it on my laptop 11th Gen. 1167GT with Windows 11

All the best