SSD and RAM Compatibility

Am wondering any 3rd party RAM modules will be compatible with FW 16 or just specific brands ? . have blindly ordered 16GB x 2 of Crucial Brand 5600 MHz to see they will be ok or not

You can find some info on the requirements here in their knowledge space. So far they did not publish any test-results of third-party modules, but they should do so on that page in the future. So far it’s your best bet to check whether the RAM module supports the JEDEC standard timings (as mentioned on the page)

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ok seem like crucialhave JEDEC support

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In case you’re curious, that’s the one I ordered :slight_smile:
More info on crucial’s homepage.


Yeah, I ordered the same one in 64GB (2x32@5600MHz) for 203€.
Can’t complain at that price, combined with the Lexar nm790 4TB SSD for 190€ this’ll be a beast :D.

I’m really looking forward to the 16. My current laptop is okay-ish, with a Ryzen 5 3500U it’s still chugging along but nothing impressive, and it barely plays Lethal Company (~14 FPS) and some other small games. For programming it does the job, but every action takes much longer than on my desktop.

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nice looks we all have ordered Crucial :slight_smile: i was also looking to Lexar drive but there are not much info which one is better 790nm or 790NQ , as my eyes was on 790NQ for 60$ on alixpress. while the 2x16 GB 5600 MHz Crucial on aliexpress costed me about 87$

In the Framework Team section there are some survey threads where you can find what others are getting. Of course as the Framework 16 hasn’t actually been released yet, there might be unknown compatibility issues with certain models that nobody knows of.

Hopefully we will get an update to the support article shortly that was referred to above.

There is a whole tread with used ram configurations [DDR5 ONLY] RAM Survey - Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series) and Framework Laptop 16 DIY